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Credits: By Andy McCarthy of Starpilot Productions


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Credits: By Mega 64


Less Talk More Rokk
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Credits: By the Barbarian Group



There are several different versions with varying audio quality, depending on your connection speed...
the deluxe video (8.2 MB)
lite version (5.2 MB)
Credits: By Liz Enthusiasm


Parlez-Vous Freezepop?
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Some higher-quality versions here.
Credits: By Jon Crow ( and Ted Mills (



Tenisu No Boifurendo
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Credits: By Rick Webb



Tender Lies
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Credits: Directed by Sean T. Drinkwater, edited by Rick Webb.


Super Sprøde
Made by Dan Turek and Lee Gerstein in Chicago, during our 2003 tour. Lost on the interwebs for a very long time. Now it is found. Check it out


Freezepop Forever
This was chosen as a Jury Selection in the curiousbrain Showcase #6, June 2002. Although it makes me cringe a little bit now. Not that I'm great at Flash or anything now, but I was much less great at it back then...
the deluxe video
(4.2 MB)
lite version (2.1 MB)
Credits: By Liz Enthusiasm



some live footage!
shot by bryan at the drum machine museum in san francisco, march 2005.

stakeout (7.7 MB)
boys on film
(8.8 MB)
get ready 2 rokk (8.9 MB)
science genius girl (7 MB)
harebrained scheme (8.3 MB)


from our tennis show at tt's, shot by frank walls.

shark attack

We would also like to point out a few of our favorite fan-made videos.
Some are awesome. Some are just strange...
- JonnyJuke's "Lazy"
- Dam Dirty Apes' "Gorilla Hero"
- HayaAinu's squirrel-tastic "Stakeout"
- Little Lilly should have been listening to "Lazy"...and here's one with a little more energy.
- Subtlerage's "Science Genius Girl"
- Nerfdude3k's Gallon Challenge... not for the squeamish
- TheNinjaKitten's "Manipulate"