Oh man, our show on Friday night was SO MUCH FUN!! The whole lineup was pretty incredible, Plushgun somehow managed to rokk out despite having flown in from South Africa that very afternoon! And we debuted our new lineup, with Bananas and Christmas. Of course we ran into a few technical issues, seeing as we were also debuting a ton of new gear, but even that was not nearly as bad as it could have been. The encore was amazing, we had a surprise guest appearance by the Duke! (it was a surprise even to me!) and we ended things with a lovely rendition of "Do they know it's Christmas," featuring not only the Duke and Michael Diamonds, but Plushgun, Televandals, and the Appreciation Post! Talk about holiday cheer. Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out and gave our new members such a warm welcome. And great news, we've just confirmed another show! So, see you soon!

In time for your holiday shopping, we have restocked the lovely "Fp10" t-shirts and hoodies! Now featuring new colors as well! Also: we now offer gift certificates, how cool is that? Go hang out in our shop!

It's time for an exciting announcement: our new lineup! Well, as you may know, our live lineup has been rather "fluid" over the past several years. One thing we learned through all of this was that we preferred playing as a four-piece as opposed to just a three-piece. It makes for better energy onstage. And that's a good thing. Anyway, I am very pleased to introduce:
• Robert John "Bananas" Foster: OK, he's already a familiar face, he's played with us since 2004 and was already going to become an official member of the band even before the Duke retired. He'll be handling drum and keytar duties.
• Christmas Disco Marie Sagan: I am psyched not to be the only girl in the band anymore! Christmas will be synthing and vocoding, maybe even doing some backing vocals.
We've been busy rehearsing and we'll be making our debut at the Boston show in December, so try to be there if you can! We'll get their official bios up here soon, but until then, here are a couple of new photos.

We have the import version of Future Future Future Perfect back in stock!

Rock Band DLC news yet again: RB has just been released for iPhone/iTouch and "science genius girl" and "super-sprode" are available, totally free! Check out the iTunes store for that...

Hey, remember that guy who used to be in our band, the Duke of Pannekoeken? (That's a JOKE, people, come on!) Anyway, he is releasing a new Symbion Project album! I'm looking forward to this. Here is some info, straight from the horse's mouth:

"5 years in the making, Symbion Project has at long last completed a 4th studio album release, entitled misery in soliloquy. Self-released on kasson’s own Speed of Dark Music, this album returns to the downtempo flavors, esoteric beats, and lush synthesizers found on 2003’s Immortal Game but is enhanced with featured vocals by Kasson and Melissa Kaplan (UHP/Splashdown) and elaborate string arrangements. Misery in Soliloquy comes with both a stereo audio cd and a video dvd that contains the high-def stereo music and quad surround audio which delivers an incredible immersive listening experience. The packaging design was done by Stoltze Design, who also did Immortal Game’s packaging and all of the Splashdown releases. If you pre-order the album by Oct 6th you receive a copy of the cd/dvd album + the wound up by god or the devil cd + an 11x17” poster of the album art all for $15usd (+shipping). It’s a pretty amazing deal for a ton of music. Click on this link to place your order: http://www.symbionproject.com/misery_preorder.html

I hope you enjoy it as much I did making it! Also, come and join me on facebook."

So there's this "thing" called "twitter" and all those crazy kids seem be using it nowadays. I know, I know, it's kind of ridiculous it took us this long to get on there in the first place, but better late than never. Here we are: twitter.com/freezepopband

I posted the PAX tour diary, and it didn't even take me 6 months! Go me!

We have a very small amount of our PAX 2009 limited edition t-shirts left! Featuring a cute lil' QY-70 design, now's your last chance to get them while they're still around! Lookie here.

Sean's other band*, Lifestyle, have posted their "lost" 2005 album, Adventure, on their website as a free download! It is amazing stuff, you should go have a listen at lifestyleland.com!

*also featuring the amazing talents of our very own Bananas Foster a.k.a. Seth Damascus-Kennedy, as well as Boothnavy and Ad Frank

I finally got photos from our anniversary shows up. We also have a small number of limited-edition posters from the show available! They're autographed/numbered prints, go check them out!

And long overdue, an update to our Freezepup gallery! If you have any pictures of your fuzzy friend wearing a Freezepup shirt, please send them to me! I live for stuff like that.

Other Freezepop news: writing! recording! planning! new "drums"! It may seem kinda quiet here, but we are hard at work on new stuff for you...

We had an incredible time at our shows on Saturday. The daytime set was cute and blippy, the nighttime set was a bit more rokking. It was an amazing thing to look out into the audience and see so many familiar faces! So many people traveled crazy distances to come to this show, and we were humbled by that. Just... thank you guys so much. And shout-outs to all the amazing other bands: Mystery Roar, The Seedy Seeds, Provocateur, The New Collsions, as well as DJ Michael V. It was an incredible day from start to finish, and we were feeling the love.

New shirts!! We just got a batch of tenth anniversary logo shirts in, and they look awesome! Super-shiny silver ink on black or teal, or "sangria" for the ladies. Aww yeah, you know you want to have a look...

I know it is RIDICULOUSLY overdue, but I finally posted the tour diaries for our midwest and florida/texas tours! Better late than never...

Sean's remix of Boy in Static's song "Starlet" is featured on the XLR8R website! We sure do love Boy in Static. Go have a listen!

Just a heads-up, our remix session at Indaba is ending soon! If you haven't checked it out yet, go do so! http://www.indabamusic.com/sessions/freezepop/86692

Two bits of news:

"Less Talk More Rokk" is featured in the brand-new Rock Band Unplugged PSP game! More details here...

We have a new lip balm flavor, just in time for summer! Minty mojito, yummm. You can get yours in our store, enjoy!

Hey gang. If you're like us you're probably reacting to the Duke’s news with shock, sadness and a little fear mixed in for good measure. Although we were not super-duper-surprised, and definitely understand his reasons for doing so, it is still jolting to hear that a very, very important third of your band is no longer on-board.

We were really just acquaintances when we started Freezepop, but over the years, through many trials and tribulations (and lots of small victories) we became quite a close unit, more like a little family. So it's always tough to lose a family member, especially the one who had the idea for Freezepop in the first place.

The Duke was more than just 'important' in the early days of the band, he basically was the band. Liz would sometimes send in three sentences about robots or science or whatever and then two days later, blammo, a song, fully programmed on the QY-70 in Freezepop's, and in particular The Duke's, own unique style. I (Sean) was constantly impressed at the creatively and breadth of the programming and production, especially on the second album, which is probably the best recorded example of what a $200 sequencer with a few sounds in it can do. You won't be disappointed with the new Symbion stuff either....

It has been tough explaining the great Catch-22 of The Duke's career to our fans on the road the last few years. His job at Harmonix was the reason that the majority of our fans had found out about us, but the demands of this job made it such that he no longer had the time to tour with us, and a very limited amount of time to devote to writing music. When you add in the stress of having to deal with the business side of a band, it can quickly turn into a second "job", and when you can't have the satisfying stuff of being in a band (meeting fans, playing shows, making records) it's completely understandable that Kasson would need to step away from Freezepop and just focus on Symbion Project.

There is some good news: The three of us have gotten through the last ten years with our sanity (more or less) and our good friendships intact. This is the most important thing. Everyone is still on great terms, and from our perspective at least, the door is always open should Kasson want to contribute anything in the future (remixes, guest appearances, whatever).

As for the future, well, we're very very excited about the album we've been working on, and we'll have a lot of exciting announcements about that soon. We're not really looking to totally reinvent the band, but there are obviously going to be some changes. Freezepop is very lucky in the sense that we can lose a major piece of our band and still have enough strengths to make an exciting new album that we're proud of. We will keep making music as long as we feel like we're making music that is still vital, and we hope you'll enjoy it too.

Kasson, of course, has our absolute best wishes going forward at Harmonix, in Symbion Project, and whatever else he decides to become part of. We're very proud of him in what he has already accomplished.

We'll have more news really soon. Hang in there with us this year, there is a lot of good stuff (and an excellent record) on the way...

Sean and Liz


Hello friends & freezepop fans around the world,

Almost exactly 10 years ago I cold-called Liz out of the blue to see if she might want to start a fun blippy synthpop band with me.

At that time, the idea of Freezepop and the music we would make were kind of a silly lark that I thought would be fun to make but probably wouldn’t really amount to much. Little did I know how untrue that would become in reality and that 10 years(!!) later the band would still be going strong and our successes continuing. Over the past 10 years we have played shows all over the world, met tons of amazing people, gotten into some wacky hijinks, oh yeah, and made some music along the way. I hope you have enjoyed listening to it, dancing to it live, and playing it in videogames as much as I have enjoyed making it. It’s with these incredibly fond memories rattling around in my brain that it pains me to bring you the news that I’m leaving Freezepop. But don’t fret as this is totally not the end of Freezepop as Liz and Sean will continue to make amazing music and play fantastic shows for all you guys. They've already been working on a bunch of really exciting new songs that i think are gonna knock your soxxx offf. I'm even hoping to get my mittts on some of these hottt tracks for some remix action!

The details leading to my decision to leave aren’t terribly interesting or dramatic as it's been something that I’ve been thinking about for a year now. My responsibilities at Harmonix making games continue to increase which takes away from my time and energy to compose and go out on the road to play shows. My plan is devote the time I do have creating music for my side endeavor Symbion Project for which I’m releasing a 4th album in just a few months. I hope that you find my music interesting enough to follow me on whatever music adventures I decide to pursue. Your best bet for keeping in touch would be through the symbion facebook page and myspace page and I’ll still be getting freezepop email at duke@freezepop.net so please stay in touch!

For those of you who want to catch me one last time at a Freezepop show rocking the keytar/qy70, my last 2 shows will be our 10th anniversary show in Boston on July 25th and at PAX2009 on Sept. 5th in Seattle, although you never know when i might drop in for some danceparty action. In the spirit of brevity, let me just say what an honor it has been to make music for all of you over the past decade. To know that I’ve impacted your lives in even the most minute ways brings me immense satisfaction and delectation. Freezepop Forever yo!

::the duke of pannekoeken

my mom will be walking in the Boston Breast Cancer 3-Day walk, and we are doing a couple of things to raise money to sponsor her! for the month of june, 10% of our online sales will be donated. we also have some shirts on sale, so now would be a great time to place an order in our webstore. also, we are having a charity auction on ebay, for a one-of-a-kind freezepop poster! it's a huge poster from our secret show last week, and all of the proceeds will be donated, so go place your bid! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200348134803#ht_500wt_1038

heads-up: we finally have Less Talk More Rokk shirts back in stock!

a few weeks back when we were in chicago, we did an interview at the legendary JBTV studios. check it out!

this is pretty exciting: we have a featured session on indaba music, an online music community, where you can remix “frontload”! it’s been a while since we’ve had a remix contest, so it was definitely time to do something like that again, and we’re psyched to have the indaba folks helping out. check it out and have fun! http://www.indabamusic.com/sessions/freezepop/86692

we have new clothing! science genius girl shirts or jackets, and our 10th anniversary logo hoodies!

also, a cool interview is up at gamecritics.com. be sure to read through to the end, he asked us a very thought-provoking question!

back from tour! it was nice to have a lil' break from boston winter. had a great time, super-tired now but it was so worth it. many thanks to everyone who came out to see us!

oo boy! we have new sticker and pin designs! cute!

if you've seen some of our recent tours, you may have had the good fortune of also catching our opening band, boy in static (aka alex chen and kenji ross (who bear a striking resemblance to, but totally are not, creme brulee the french ghost and michael diamonds)). anyway, they have a CD coming out soon, and i did backing vocals on a few songs, including "young san francisco," which you can download here:
or here:
it's a lovely little pop tune that you might enjoy. go have a listen!

our form activity motion EP has finally come out on CD! now available in our store...

here's the link to the NPR feature, you can listen online: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=99181573

We're going to be featured on NPR this weekend! The Duke and I did an interview this morning, and we'll be on All Things Considered Weekend Edition tomorrow, check the NPR website for your local broadcast schedule or just listen online!

Happy new year everyone! And we're starting out the year with a treat, a new/old song for you, our cover of "Only You" by Yazoo. It's part of Buffetlibre's "Rewind" project, you can listen and download it here! We worked on it with Danny Gold, our pal/Polystar guy.

(Not to be confused with the cover of "Only You" that I did a few years ago with Gordon Merrick, which can be found here. Oh, and you should do yourself a favor and check out the original if you've never heard that one.)

Also, we have a new page on Facebook, go join up!

"Frontload" is going to be played on the season finale of "The Hills" tomorrow! We're pretty excited to finally make it onto MTV. If you wanna check it out, tune into MTV at 10 p.m. tomorrow night.

Also, new pix from our Middle East show added...

We are psyched to introduce a great new feature: Freezepop Premium Updates! Every day, we'll be posting fun stuff like behind-the-scenes videos, songs, photos, random musings, stuff from the archives, and who knows what all else. It's all exclusive content, and it's only $2.99 a month! It's a great way to help support what we're doing and it'll be marvelously entertaining/enlightening/etc. Check it out...

A cool lil' interview with us on YouTube...

HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINE! Make sure you place your orders by noon on Monday, Dec 15 to insure delivery before Christmas. (For orders placed after that, we'll still try to ship them in time, of course!)

a new EP! a new video! oh my!!

tour diary posted, as well as pix from our CMJ show, and i even added some photos to our previous tour diary too!

we're back from tour, at least for a few days until we're headed back down to NYC. just enough time to catch our breath. anyway, it was awesome, i'm really glad we were able to hit a lot of cities we've never been to before, and of course, visit some old favorites. tour diary soon!

an announcement from Sean:
"Hey gang, I'm proud to announce my collaboration with Adobe on their new Photoshop Express site.
Our friends at The Barbarian Group (see "Less Talk More Rokk" video and Fancy Ultra Fresh interactive content) put this team together and we are really pleased with the results. I had a great time working with Adobe's team and Douglas McDermott, my good friend and the copy writer on this project for TBG.
Adobe came to us wanting different songs in different genres to use with the slideshows etc on the Photoshop Express site and we really had a good time dreaming up different bands and genres to poke a little fun at.
A nationwide campaign including posters with different lyrics from the songs has just been launched and you might see them around your town if you're eagle-eyed enough.
While stylistically very different from our work in Freezepop, we thought you guys might enjoy these fun tracks."
Check 'em out at the Photoshop Express Songs site.

we finally have logo hoodies and t-shirts back in stock! we also have a very, very few PAX shirts for sale, in case you didn't feel like waiting in line after our show. or just want to pretend that you were there.

and we've made a special guest appearance in this week's MyMedia Comics, go have a look!

here is your chance to own an original Liz Enthusiasm painting! perhaps the most important work by any living artist. maybe even any artist, ever.

ok, i finally finished up the pax/west coast tour diary! go read about our wacky hijinks. also, some new interviews you can watch/read:
- we were featured on Spike TV's GameTrailers TV, Pax 2008 episode
- band interview at [OC]Modshop
- liz interview at doe deere blogazine

we are back from our west coast tour, and wow, it was nuts. especially PAX. even huger than last year! anyway, you know the drill, tour diary up "soon"...

from the freezepop vaults: we recently came across some copies of two releases that we thought were sold out: the limited edition version fancy ultra•fresh cds, and bike thief vinyls! if you missed out on these the first time around, now's your time to grab them! we have very limited quantities of both...

also, new pix on our photos page.

if you're like me, you enjoy looking at pictures of cute doggies. so, i decided to start a collection of pictures of critters wearing our doggie shirts, the freezepup gallery. enjoy! and please do send in your contributions!

just in time for summer, new t-shirts! and not just any old t-shirts, bloody keytar t-shirts. also, we have finally restocked many sizes in the LTMR and parlez-vous designs. go check out our store to have a look!

an announcement from the duke, as well as a clarification of some messageboard rumors...
"Freezepop is very excited to announce our involvement with the new Guitar Hero : On Tour videogame for the Nintendo DS. Our song “I am not your GameBoy” which originally appeared on our album Fancy Ultra*Fresh seemed a perfect fit for the DS platform so we amp’d it up a bit to play well in the game! Freezepop has now released songs in 8 different games, from a variety of Harmonix titles to other games like DDR, FFR, and Downhill Domination. We are of course truly the most excited to be involved with Harmonix and the amazing music games that they create (we’re sure you can understand the bias ;-) ) but we are also interested in reaching new fans from around the world and want to be open to many different opportunities as they arise. In terms of “selling out” to GH or any other game, we were kindly paid, but have made no more money on GH:OT than we did for Amplitude which was published by Sony way back in 2003. FWIW, we didn’t get paid at all for our tracks in GH1, GH2, and RB1. For us, we just love being involved with videogames. Involving all of you fans and gamers with our music and letting you interact with our songs in the new and innovative ways that these games provide is extremely gratifying for us. See you at PAX!"

i know we really haven't had much in the way of "news" lately, but rest assured, we're not just sitting around on our butts! we're busy getting ready for some touring this fall, we shot a video last weekend, maybe even getting ready to write some new songs! and yesterday was our ninth birthday. anyway: stuff. it's happening. we'll have more real updates soon. to tide you over, i've updated our press page with some new interviews you can go check out, should you need to kill some time at your temp job or something. heh heh.

from the duke:

i'm selling my nord lead 1 synth and donating the proceeds to the american cancer society. i've had this synth now for 8 years and it's been through some amazing times with me. i've used this synth on tons of recordings from splashdown to freezepop to symbion project. i'm leaving all my presets in it for you to use and you'll probably recognize many from splashdown recordings. it's not red like most nord synths since i covered most of it (top and sides) with silver sticker paper, and i spraypainted the knobs silver. you can see which knobs got the most wear from the silver wearing off. it has a memory expansion card in it as well so there's plenty of room for presets. the synth is pretty worn on the outside, but works just fine, all the knobs, keys, and leds work and it'll treat you nicely. as a bonus, i'm including an unopened copy of splashdown's 5 song ep "redshift" , an autographed copy of the most recent symbion project album, and a signed limited edition copy of the latest freezepop cd fx3p. bonus! so i hope this synth rokks your world as much as it has mine over the years and it's for a good cause so bid high : )
cheers, kasson

great news, we won all three categories we were nominated for in the WFNX/Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll! (Best Act, Best Album, Best Live Act). great big thanks to all of you who voted for us!

i am finally caught up on tour diaries!

i posted the midwestern tour diary. the big midwest tour, not the short upper-midwest tour. that'll be coming along soon...

some news, by way of the duke: "we're proud to announce that you can now download our song "super-sprøde" to play in Rock Band for the 360/ps3! it was only available on an OXM cover disc for awhile, but now you can get our song individually or as part of the Harmonix pack of songs for the game. disregard the name screwup as this is the same song you got to play in the ps2 game Amplitude back in the day, but we've updated the parts to give it a fresshhh sheen of goodness for Rock Band. so have fun with it and good luck on that bass part on expert!"

Our latest album, Future Future Future Perfect, is going to be released in Europe next week! It's another Ryko/Cordless release, and distributed via ADA Global. How it's different from the US release: we swapped out "do you like my Wang" for "get drunk with milk" and added two tracks: "i think best in wire" and "smoke machine (storslagen mix)". we'll have it available on our website as soon as we get some copies in!

also: crazy weekend of shows in madison, minneapolis, and duluth. our second mosh pit ever! what is up with that...

i posted a huge amount of new photos, as well as the florida tour diary! (midwest and texas tour diaries coming "soon" i promise...)

we are back from texas, and wow, it was insanity. and also immensely pleasant summertimey goodness. oh i needed that. anyway, now i have an exciting announcement to share with you: we've received several nominations this year's boston phoenix/wfnx best music poll! we're nominated in the boston category for
- best local act
- best live act
- and best album.

oh boy, we have a new brainpower video! the awesome mega 64 kids directed it when we were on our west coast tour last year, and it is finally ready to unleash upon the world! go have a look, and also check out the hi-larious behind-the-scenes feature too!

happy leap year day everyone! just to give you all a heads-up, we have a ton of t-shirt and hoodie sizes back in stock! go have a look in the store! i also just posted a link in the store to get "freezepop" lipstick from camp cosmetics. it is the hottest hot-pink (and i'm an authority on all things hot pink).

our song "swimming pool" is going to be featured on showtime's "the L word", episode 509, airing the week of march 2!

we had an unexpectedly awesome tour. thank you all so very much. especially those of you who drove thru snowstorms to come see us. we loved it. except for the snowstorms. a huge shout-out to boy in static, who worked double-duty and are insanely genius and also lovely boys to travel with, and to jason, our tour manager/driver/merch guy/just about everything else. let's do it again sometime.

new shirt design alert!! oh, exciting times! it's "brainpower" and it glows in the dark! we have shirts and hoodies in a very wide variety of sizes/styles. go have a look! (also, we have new cherry lip balm to save your lips from wintery badness.)

this month's issue of OXM magazine features a covermount disc with three exclusive songs to play in Rock Band, including an updated version of "super-sprøde"!

florida: thank you thank you for such a wonderful welcome! all three shows were amazing. we were really happy, hope you all had a good time too...

a very happy new year to you all! and something neat-o to start the year off, we are gametap's featured artist of the month! more content will be posted over the next couple of weeks, so check back later too...


i just posted another really cool set of photos from PAX!

two cool bits of iTunes news:
1) they just released their charts for all of 2007, and "Less Talk More Rokk" was the #4 dance/electronic song! big big thanks to all of you who helped make it happen!!
2) we got to do an artist playlist feature! we picked a bunch of songs that we love and think you probably would too. some of the choices are electropoppy... some aren't. go check it out at: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewMix?id=269874735

i finally posted our west coast tour diary, as well as some photos from our new york show. looky here...

just a heads-up, we are rapidly approaching the shipping deadline if you want to get your orders before christmas! make sure your orders are placed by noon EST on friday, 12/14, and that should get stuff there in time.

also: florida!! see you soon :-)

rock band! it's out now! you can play our song "brainpower"! yay!

also, we have an announcement regarding our live setup. i will hand it over to the duke:

"hello freezepop friends and neighbors!

i don't often get a chance to address you all personally, but i am often excited to meet you all at shows when we're on tour.

which is why this note that i am writing to you is somewhat difficult. as many of you know, i spend my life outside of making freezepop music working on videogames. i have spent the last 7 years working at this amazing company, Harmonix, making games like FreQuency, Amplitude, Anti:Grav, Guitar Hero 1&2, and now Phase and RockBand.

Harmonix has been incredibly supportive of Freezepop over the years, and many of you found out about us through the great games that they make. I started there just a simple composer writing electronic songs for FreQuency, but had the chance to take on more responsibility as the Audio Director there for many years, and in the past year as a producer getting to run a small team making the iPod game Phase, which just got released a few weeks back. However, all these amazing opportunities at Harmonix have made it quite difficult over the past year to get time off to go out and play shows for you guys. you may have noticed i was not able to attend PAX or the other shows that weekend as i was back at hmx putting the finishing touches on a game. as the upcoming year for me is going to be even more exciting and arduous at hmx, it's going to keep me from heading out on the road with Liz and Sean, as they are just as excited to get out and play shows and support our latest album. fret not though, i'll be playing shows here and there, and of course this will give me more opportunities to stay holed up in my studio making blippy beats for all of you! in the meantime we'd like you to officially meet Crème Brulée and Seth Damascus-Kennedy, who will be taking over my duties at the various shows that i can't be at. liz and sean will of course be ready to put on the super fun shows that you all help make them be, so do come out and get your dance on. and do look for freezepop to be involved in many amazing videogames to come...
-the duke"

so, to recap:
don't freak out if we play a show and the duke isn't there, he is still very much in the band and very involved in the songwriting end of things. but, as he starts on a humongous new project that will prevent him from leaving town for extended periods of time, sean and i didn't want to have that prevent us from playing shows for y'all. so we have recruited some very capable members of the freezepop extended family to help us out on the occasions when the duke can't join us (or to create some extra chaos even when the duke can join us). and while seth damascus-kennedy and crème brulée are our main go-to guys, i've added a new section to our website so you can get to know all of the various recurring live characters a bit better...

oh hey! i forgot to mention something pretty exciting that happened while we were on tour: the release of phase, a spiffy new ipod game that features "pop music is not a crime," as well as songs by our awesome pals kodomo, inter:sect, bang camaro, dealership, and universal hall pass.


we are back from tour! we had some adventures, some misadventures, and the qy-70 had a near-death experience! many thanks to everyone who came to see us! tour diary coming soon...

and also: the limited editions are finally in!! this is exciting news!

we have new pins! they are cute! go have a look! and a heads-up: orders received after sunday, oct. 28, will not be shipped until we return from our tour in mid-november.

we finally got with the program and made ourselves a facebook group. if you're one of those crazy facebook kids, go join up!

big updates! i posted a bunch of new photos along with the seattle/portland tour diary! and i put up a bunch of new album reviews, if you care about that kind of thing too...

the good news: we've added a bunch of tour dates!
the bad news: the manufacturing of our limited edition cd has been delayed yet again!! booo. hang in there...

wow, that show last night was amazing. sooo much fun! and it's so awesome when you really like all of the bands that you're playing with. thanks to everyone who came out. and see you again soon.

oh hey: our album is out! that's kinda cool.

we have a fun new flash flash revolution game in our goodies section!

oh my god, so many things! we are working into the wee hours getting ready for our album release. it's hard to keep track of everything, so here is a handy list:

1) obviously, we have a new website! stuff has been shuffled around a bit, and some new content has been added too, so have a look around! i'll be adding stuff on a pretty regular basis over the coming weeks, so do stop back in. and let me know if you come across anything that doesn't work quite right...

2) we gave our myspace page a bit of a makeover as well. and you're definitely going to want to head over to the myspace music homepage for our exclusive album premiere!! from september 21-24, you can get a sneak preview and listen to our album in its entirety before it hits stores! yes!!

3) finally! we are proud to present the "less talk more rokk" video! this was done by our pals at the barbarian group and is somewhat silly. we hope you like it. (you can also head on over to itunes to download an official copy.)

4) all you local folks are heading to our show next week, right?

i think that's it for now. did i mention we have an album coming out next week?

some album news! future future future perfect is available for pre-order from newbury comics, and the first 300 orders will receive an autographed CD booklet! (for you non-new englanders, newbury is this awesome local chain, they're very supportive of local music, and we love them.) bear in mind that this is a pre-order, and CDs will not ship until the album's official release date, september 25.

also, very soon we will have pre-order information for the limited edition release of FFFP, featuring 2 bonus tracks and autographed/numbered fancy packaging. very soon.


PAX. oh my god. it was nuts. um. wow. and in case you missed it, we made a pretty exciting announcement at our show: we are going to have a song featured in Rock Band! here's the scoop from the duke:

Continuing our proud tradition of being included in all the amazing games that Harmonix makes (FreQuency, Amplitude, GH1&2, etc.) , we are very excited to announce that our song "Brainpower" is going to be playable in the game RockBand. RockBand will be released in November and be available for xbox360 and ps3 so get your guitars and drums and mics ready! If you thought Guitar Hero was fun, wait until you play this game. I can personally assure you of its awesomeness.
If you can't wait until then, you'll be able to hear Brainpower on our soon to be released album Future Future Future Perfect, which will be out on Sept. 25th.

i am excited for our upcoming pacific northwest jaunt! you can have a listen to an interview i did with gamertag radio for the countdown to PAX.

also: we finally got more t-shirts in, so we have many sizes restocked...

this is pretty exciting, camp cosmetics, a chicago-based cosmetics company, has created a custom lipstick named after us! it actually worked out really well since i'd been searching for my perfect hot pink for quite some time, so michael developed this amazing color for me, and oh my, it is lovely. anyway, check it out here!

we have less talk more rokk shirts! we have doggie shirts! yay! go see them!

our less talk more rokk remix ep is now available on iTunes! there are some really amazing ones on there, so check it out. it features some of our favorite past remixers, as well as some awesome brand new folks. this is an iTunes exclusive for this week, next week it'll move to napster, rhapsody, etc... but there is one track that is staying exclusive to iTunes. go have a listen and hopefully you'll find one you like for your next dance party. more exciting LTMR stuff happening soon, stay tuned!

we have bit of an update about our upcoming album release... the label we have been working with, cordless recordings, has recently partnered with rykodisc. ryko is a label we have a ton of respect for, they've put out amazing releases over the years and are home to some of our favorite artists. it seems like this transition is gonna mean good things for us, and things have been going smoothly so far. the one piece of news y'all may not be so psyched about is that the release date has been pushed back a teeny bit to september 25, so you're going to have to wait two more weeks to get your hands on the new album. hang in there! to tide you over in the meantime, we have posted a brand new song, "ninja of love," on our myspace page, so go have a listen!

the first announcement of the day is the return of the fashion impression function ep!! it is new and improved since the last time around: remastered, a lovely digipack, and containing two extra tracks, "starlight (karacter re•vision mix)" and "freezepop forever (kodomo remix)." you can order it individually or as part of the ultrabargain pack.

our other big news is that we finally have a booking agent! this is a big relief to me, since i was doing all of it before (and i didn't really like it, and was not really good at it either). we will be doing a lot more touring this fall once our new album comes out. if you would like to book us, you can contact our guy, jeff booher at booking@freezepop.net. (this is for serious inquiries, but if you have more of a general "hey you guys should play in my town sometime!" kinda thing, you should make a request at our eventful page.)

our picks of the "week" have returned! let's make them more than semi-annual, shall we? send us more! there must be something really stupid that you need to know, right?

well hello everyone.

we haven’t posted any news in quite some time. this is not because of a lack of stuff going on. pretty much the opposite, really. and now, we present: a whole lot of news.

1) most importantly, the new album! it is called “future future future perfect” and is due out officially in mid-september. we will be releasing a special limited edition version with yet-to-be-determined fancy packaging and bonus tracks, which will come out a little sooner than that. yes, ‘less talk more rokk’ will be on this album, as well as some other songs we’ve been playing live. we are very excited about it.

2) after the album comes out, there will be some touring. we are not exactly sure where yet, but instead of emailing us being all like “come to my town!” you should go to this nifty site and click on the “demand me!” button. that’ll give us a better idea of where we need to hit this time around.

3) one show that we do know about: the penny arcade expo in seattle this august! this is a huge gaming event, and it’s gonna be a great time. it’s all-ages too! we’ll be scheduling more area shows while we’re out that way, so stay tuned for more details…

4) a contest! go to www.freezepoppoints.com to sign up for a freezepop banner. post that banner on your website, myspace, LJ, etc, and each time somebody clicks on it, you get a point. there are some pretty amazing prizes for the folks who rack up the most points. and you’ll be spreading the word about freezepop, so it’s like a contest where EVERYONE wins. warm fuzzies!

5) another contest! we are almost at 50,000 myspace friends, so we figured we needed to give our 50,000th friend something special, namely a bunch of cds and a shirt and a lovely certificate made by me (liz e.) which will probably include a drawing of a funny animal or food product or something. so go to our myspace page and add us! tell your friends to add us! (if you are already our myspace friend, you can de-friend and then re-friend us, it’s not exactly cheating since you are pretty cool for already being our friend.)

6) speaking of milestones, it’s our eighth birthday tomorrow!!

7) also, coming soon: a bunch of “less talk more rokk” remixes on itunes!! just in time for your summer dance party.

um… i think that pretty much covers everything for now. until next time, stay cool and fruity!
liz e. (and the duke and sean)

new SF tour diary just posted! also, if anyone has any cool pictures of us from the pittsburgh or autobahn shows, send them to us!

finally! the online release "The Rokk Suite" is here! featuring "Less Talk More Rokk" (from Guitar Hero 2), and "Get Ready 2 Rokk" (from the original Guitar Hero). you can find them at fine places like iTunes, rhapsody, napster, urge, just to name a few...

you can now order the duke's latest symbion project cd, wound up by god or the devil, from our buy page! just scroll on down to the "side projects" section. that ought to hold you over until our cd comes out...

A lot of really exciting events have been happening with Freezepop over the last few months, and it’s finally time to fill you all in! We're quite pleased to announce that we are partnering with Cordless Recordings for the release of our third full-length album. We're very excited to be working with them, and they've shown us the same love that you've shown us over the last 7 years. The full album will be coming along later this spring, but in the meantime, The Rokk Suite (that’s “Less Talk More Rokk” from Guitar Hero 2 and “Get Ready 2 Rokk” from GH1) will be available online on Feb. 27th. Believe it!

So what does this label stuff mean to you? Not a lot will change from your perspective. We are still going to be involved in all aspects of this band, and will continue to maintain our website, myspace, LJ community, etc. Staying connected to you guys is really important to us and the folks at Cordless want to keep it that way. The big change for you guys is that it’ll be easier to find our CDs in stores, and our new releases will appear on iTunes and other online outlets a lot faster than they would if we had to go through our own channels.

And what does this label stuff mean to us? Well, we’re very proud of the Archenemy label that we’ve been releasing our albums under. Freezepop likes being DIY, and admittedly the idea of giving up control made us pretty nervous. But things have grown to a point where it’s been getting increasingly difficult to juggle all the day-to-day details with getting new music out to you guys. When Cordless approached us, we were impressed by their ideas about artist development, and it was reassuring that they didn’t want us to give up our independence. To us, the decision to go with Cordless came down to the fact that they can help us get our music heard by more people. Working with them will mean a lot of great things for Freezepop, and we’re looking forward to a great collaboration.

Want to learn more about Cordless? Check them out at www.cordless.com.

Freezepop forever.
-Liz, Sean, and the Duke

thanks to all of you who made our show so insane last night! sorry to all of you who couldn't get in. but we'll be playing again relatively soon. so hang in there.

the electricity 3 compilation is now available on iTunes, featuring the chinese theater remix of "duct tape my heart" as well as many other synth-tastic tunes. go have a listen!

first of all, a happy new year to all of you!

second of all, we finally have more t-shirt sizes back in stock, as well as some new hoodie sizes!

third: we're playing autobahn again!

fourth: there's a liz interview in the new issue of "slave to the needles," a cool zine about crafting/knitting, with some comics and stuff too. it's available at www.atomicbooks.com.

a belated xmas present for y'all, our picks of the "week" are back! now we need more... send us more!

by now you know that i take a really long time to get around to posting the tour diaries. here is the latest installment, our weekend in montreal. it is definitely one of the most exciting tour diaries yet. no, i am not kidding. turns out, pop music is a crime...

gordon merrick and i finally have a video. get ready to experience the love.

you know what we haven't done in a long time? our picks of the "week"! it's seriously been a couple of years. hey! any random questions you need us to weigh in on? send them along!

www.fancyultrafresh.com... now if you bought that cd, you might remember the spiffy bonus multimedia content on there. and we just finally got around to putting it on the interweb. so go have fun with it.

also, lots of little site updates here and there. goodies, advice, lyrics, faq.

here's a handy reminder for all you holiday shoppers: if you are buying freezepop goodies for your loved ones, and need stuff delivered by xmas, you have until dec. 17 (or dec. 10 for international) to place your order.

crazy times in montreal. it was pretty awesome. hey, if anyone has any good photos, can you send them to me? i am working on the tour diary now...

big news here at freezepop headquarters! we have a new song in Guitar Hero II, which we've had to keep secret until the game's release today. it's been a pretty hard secret to keep (especially since the internet is really bad at keeping secrets) but the wait is over and there's even bigger news: the song "less talk more rokk" is on a new EP along with the Guitar Hero version of "get ready 2 rokk!" check out the details above!

and even more music! the new gordon merrick/liz enthusiasm EP, manchester on my mind, has been posted at gordonmerrick.com! it'll make you feel like 1991 all over again.

we sold out of the hard copies a while back, but we are happy to announce that maxi ultra•fresh is now available on iTunes! PLUS, this version contains the bonus track "here comes a special boy!" oh, the awesomeness.

AND, we have a new t-shirt design! go to our store and check it out! awesome, right?

finally a new show! and sean and i make our official dj team debut next week! (he mostly dj's, i mostly dance.) and then we'll be heading back up to montreal in november. it's been a full 5 years since we've played there, and we're playing with the minibosses this time around!

also, we have a new video! it's for "parlez-vous freezepop?" and was co-directed by by jonathan crow (www.projectorhead.com) and ted mills. (www.tedmills.com) you can check it out on YouTube or get it in downloadable form here.

new advice and i should point out that miss lunarkitty's column is now available on myspace too!

and one more thing, i am in the middle of moving chaos right now, so sorry to all you folks who have placed orders recently. things are taking a bit longer than usual. i hope to be a bit more "organized" by next week...

i finally posted the turkey tour diary! sorry that took so long.

the duke has made 5 exclusive sample packs for the amazing drum machine software pspKick, featuring drum, bass, and synth sounds from the songs "chessking," "i am not your gameboy," "parlez-vous freezepop?," " stakeout," and "super-sprøde"!! for those who don't know, pspKick is a homebrew drum machine program for the sony psp. the duke has been using it for about a year now and has made some pretty blippy loops with it! look forward to hearing some of those loops on the upcoming freezepop cd. to download the packs and learn more about pspKick, go to:
http://pspupdates.qj.net/PSPKick-Official-Soundpack-Collection-Vol-3-Freezepop-Attacks-/pg/49/aid/60138 and the official pspKick site is here: www.pspkick.com

Asterisk 2 Wakeboarding DVD, created by Liquid Force Films, features "Stakeout (Donnerschlag Remix)" a hott jamm from our Hi-5 My Remix cd, remixed by "nice" pete maguire of inter:sect! catch the preview here: http://www.asterisk2.com/

first: happy birthday to sean t. drinkwater!

second: i made some major updates to our music page. it's now a fairly comprehensive list of all the stuff we've released over the years.

third: freezepop fashion sighting in rollling stone!

fourth: we have now passed 25,000 friends on myspace!

another tour diary! who's the slacker now??

new photos! yeah, i finally got around to posting pix from our february show, as well as the midwestern tour diary. i hope you haven't been waiting on the edge of your seat for it or anything. more to come, you know, "soon."

thanks to everyone who bid on those items, and congratulations to the winners! and if anyone still wants to donate to the AIDS Walk, you can still do that too...

i just put up some auctions for various freezepop super-collector's items! all the proceeds from these auctions are going to support our friend Matthew, who's participating in the Boston AIDS Walk in a few weeks (you can donate directly at: http://www.aac.org/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=1010&team_id=5120 too!)
check the stuff out:
rare autographed out-of-print fancy ultra•fresh limited edition
autographed elefant version of freezepop forever
autographed guitar hero t-shirt
autographed turkish freezepop poster
so go raise a lot of money! yeah!

we had a super-whirlwind trip to turkey that made us feel like rokkstars. wow.

and hey, here's something cool for you: free ringtones! go to startmobile's page and for a limited time, you can get "parlez-vous freezepop" and "boys on film" ringtones super-duper-free. they also have some other great tunes on there (i just downloaded ming & ping and peachcake) so go have some fun. (and remember, you can still get some other freezepop ringtones as well as wallpapers from jivjiv too! those are not free, but they are so cheap as to be "almost" free.)

back from the UK and it rokked. sigh, i wish we could make it out that way more often. tour diary "soon" (even though you're still waiting for the last tour diary. soon!)

also, we have a new shipment of lip balm in. this time around it's yummy pink grapefruit.

it took us awhile and lot of deliberations, but we've finally pored over all the remixes and have found a winner... or to be more exact, winners! we just couldn't decide which of the 2 finalists should win so we thought it proper to have both of them share the winning spot.
in no particular order...
izzy maxwell, who has remixed us in the past and was a standout in the last remix contest, is winner #1. here's his pandora's xbox remix.
johan billing, of the band diskodiktators (who we got a chance to play a concert with in sweden a while back), is winner #2. check out his diskodiktators remix.
both turned in very unique remixes that took the song into a whole new realm. both ditched all of the original tracks we put up and only used the vocals/vocoders. they re-harmonized a lot of the chords and changed up the arrangement of the song pretty significantly, especially with the sounds and instruments they used. their remixes really were fresh and inventive and we were surprised to hear the song taken in such new ways.
overall, the quality of the all the submitted remixes was amazing, and much better than in past remix contests.
we have also set up a myspace page just for the remix contests we've had over the years. the 2 winners will have their remixes up there for people to check out. we will then try and cycle through the remixes that we thought deserved honorable mentions as well. (we will not be friending or answering any emails at that page, so visit our main myspace page for that.)

also, even more advice.

and, we are out of maxi ultra•fresh, although it will still be available thru iTunes, napster, etc.

i know i know, i'm way behind in putting up photos. i'll really do that soon.

in the meantime, entertain yourselves with some new advice.

we had an amazing time this past weekend. big thanks to everyone who came to our shows, extra special thanks to everyone who danced. you people are awesome. photos/tour diary soon, i promise...

we had a really fun show this weekend, thanks to everyone who came out, and sorry to all those who couldn't get in. the lesson here is: get your tickets early.

also, fair warning: we are down to the last box of hi-five my remix cds. it's looking highly unlikely that we're going to repress those anytime in the near future. it'll still be available digitally on iTunes/Napster/etc, but if you have your heart set on a hard copy, act now!

FINALLY, we are having another remix contest. this time, it's for "boys on film"... win some yet-to-be-determined "cool stuff!" impress your friends! wanna have a go at it? check out the rules/details here.

sean's band karacter now finally have their own myspace page! go check out the awesomeness at: http://www.myspace.com/karactermusic

many thanks to everyone who voted for us in the kooba radio band of the year contest! we won! yayy!

happy new year! and some good news, "stakeout" has won best song in the dance/electronica category in the 2005 independent music awards!

and we have reached our 10,000th myspace friend! congratulations to alia from orlando...

very many new photos, dating back to halloween-time. sorry that took so long.

much news:

the duke has a brand new remix of the joy electric song "quite quieter than spiders (charlotte's remix)" which can be found on the new joy electric ep "montgolfier and the romantic balloons." for more on that, visit: www.joyelectric.com.

we are in the running for band of the year over at kooba radio, a uk online station. go vote for us!

some new live footage from our tennis show at tt's this past summer: yay!

miss lunarkitty is back with more advice!

another karacter video!

we are now at 9000+ myspace friends, so we decided to have a nifty little contest: the "be our 10,000th myspace friend contest!" go to our myspace page and friend us, and if you're the lucky winner, you'll get: a copy of fancy ultra•fresh, a copy of the import release of freezepop forever, and a guitar hero shirt. all autographed! pretty awesome, no? (and if you already happen to be one of our 9000+ myspace friends, then get a friend to add us and make them give you the prizes.)

some new karacter videos: secret parking space and guesthouse (by boy in static/flash smarty-pants alex chen). oh wow, it kinda makes you want to buy the karacter cd, doesn't it?

speaking of buying things, i highly recommend that if you want to get your friends and loved ones some freezepop goodies for the holidays, you should order stuff before the 13th to ensure pre-xmas delivery.

there's a new gordon merrick/liz enthusiasm song for you to enjoy! it's our cover of "the only one i know" from our forthcoming "manchester on my mind" ep. go listen!

and there's an exciting bike thief video online too! don't try this at home.

for all your fancy-ness needs, we have a new t-shirt design, as well as expanded size/color options for the old designs. go have a look!

oh my god, texas was so much fun! thanks to everyone who came to our shows. the tour diary is posted...

if you happen to be watching adult swim, be on the lookout for a commercial for the X-treme platform jumping school, featuring sean (as a james bond-y guy) and me (as the "street candy" girl). or just check it out online. i'm still not entirely sure what it's all about...

first of all, happy birthday to the duke!

and now, we have some important video game related announcements!
1) a brand new remix of "stakeout" will be included in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix3 for the Xbox, coming out later this fall. the duke created this special Ultra:Mix just for DDR, and he composed all the music that is used in the metagame (the game shell outside of gameplay like all the different options screens)! for more info: http://www.konami.com/gs/gameinfo.php?id=148

2) we also have a song in the PS2 game "Guitar Hero" which will also be out later this fall! this is a Harmonix developed game, and published by Red Octane, where you strap on a guitar and rokk out to tons of guitar oriented songs. how does freezepop fit into this, you ask? well when you take our song "Get Ready 2 Rokk" and get our good friend Izzy Maxwell to shred some hottt guitar lixxx over it, then you have something that at least rokks partially. or more then ever ... or not at all... you make the call. info here: http://www.guitarherogame.com/

lots of news bits today: first the big news, we are oh-so-happy to announce the release of two very exciting cds! first off is karacter's self-titled debut, which is sean's old-school synth masterpiece. and another long-awaited sean-related project, finished by polystar. more info on these can be found on the buy page.

we also have the official freezepop lip balm back in stock, this batch is orange and soooo excellent! go to our merch page and scroll down past the clothing.

and there's a brand new liz interview up at bigstereo.

big news! we finally have official ringtones available, as well as spiffy cellphone wallpapers! go to: http://jivjiv.com/freezepop to check it out.

photos from our tt's show have been posted.

also, new merchandise alert! we now have hoodies! i know it is summer and you don't want to think about that kind of thing. but soon, you will. also, we have started carrying size youth large in several different t-shirt styles. and also also, a lot of the girly hott-style shirts are back in stock. so go have a peek at our merch page...

thanks to everyone who came to our show last night, we had tons of fun! it maybe wasn't the "tightest" show we've ever played, but oh well, it was a good time. anybody get any good photos? email them to me!

and now for the new-and-exciting portion of this update: we have new vinyl! a limited edition hot 12" called "dancy ultra•fresh." buy it for your next dance party!

and a new mp3: another liz enthusiasm/gordon merrick tune. this time it's a cover of "elephant stone" from our upcoming "manchester on my mind" ep.

it's the freezepop birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than by releasing a new ep? voila, maxi ultra•fresh is finally here. only $5, or you can get it for free with a $40 purchase. another thing you might buy with that $40 is the elefant release of freezepop forever, we once again have limited copies of this import in stock.

also: for the next two weeks, 10% of all sales will be donated to sponsor my mom, Hella Enthusiasm, who will be participating in the boston breast cancer 3-day walk.

"outer space" is featured on a new compilation: gentle electric, which was just released on larry tee's label, mogul electro. good lineup too, we're on there with the future bible heroes, bunnyhug, the somnambulants, and more, go have a look.

cool stuff, i've posted some live video footage from our show in san francisco last month. thanks to bryan for the videos. go have a look!

i suppose i should talk about what we are "up" to, since it's been a while since we've put anything out. we are working on writing/recording new stuff for a full-length cd. in the meantime, we'll be putting out an EP of sorts in the next few months, featuring a new song ("smoke machine," which we debuted live at our boston show) as well as some great remixes and live stuff. a little further along down the pike, a new 12" vinyl for your dance party funtimes. anyway, more details on those releases as soon as we figure it out...

happy happy birthday to two very important people in the freezepop-family: the captain boothnavy swallow (have you read his tour diary yet?) and our chic photographer/bad influence, miss violet shuraka.

thanks to everyone who came to our show this weekend, and sorry to everyone who couldn't get in! we'll be scheduling something in a bigger venue soon. pictures online sometime...

in the meantime, the tour diary fiesta continues, with tour manager-roadie-soundguy-driver boothnavy's account of our european tour.

the duke recently completed 2 remixes for the up-and-coming electropop band Junobot! you can hear his remix of the song "smile" on the just released album "the nature of technology" on R9 Records.
For more info on this album, visit www.r9records.com. If you pick up his cd, you'll also be able to download the Duke's "extended radiant sun" remix as well... enjoy!!!

ha ha, this is awesome. maybe we should ask them for corporate sponsorship or something...

and last but not least, another tour diary is up!

ok, major major updates here...
1) i finally posted the european tour diary! better late than never, i always say...
2) there is now a 2005 page in the pix section, which includes new photos from our latest nyc show.
3) i've overhauled the buy section a bit. now you can buy our side project CDs directly from our site! symbion project (aka the duke) is all that's up there now, but there will be more in the future...
4) a new page in the fun section called "the making of..." which is about... the making of!

it's been a while since i've updated. sorry. we had an awesome time at autobahn and in pittsburgh and SF. more photos, etc, to come soon, but to tide you over, here are a few videos from our SF show, courtesy of robotkid:
get ready to rokk
super sprøde, featuring an exciting amplitude performance

the other big news is that we're finally in the iTunes store! better late than never. yayy!

big site updates!
1) we have some exciting new t-shirts for sale!
2) some new photos from our nyc show.
3) our gear page is now 58% more geeky.
4) a video for super sprøde!

thanks to everyone who came to see us in new york this weekend! really fun show, pictures soon...

new in the goodies section: a set of really hot new desktops. amazing photos from our stockholm show, taken by conny fornbäck. go check it out.

happy new year everyone! we got a nice shout-out on wfnx's new england product best-of-2004 list. my new year's resolution is to catch up on all the orders that i've fallen behind on. and finish the european tour diary too.

oh, and we have a myspace page now!

we're back from our european expedition! thanks to everyone who came to our shows, it was an adventure. anybody take any good pictures? send them along!

happy holidays to all of you out there, and here's a lovely little present for you: the gordon merrick/liz enthusiasm best friends forever ep is now available for download! feel the love. there is so very much packed in there.

and new advice...

so i found out that the globe mistakenly ran a photo of us promoting our non-existent boston show last friday. ooops. turns out the freeze pops were playing instead. hope none of you went out trying to see us. and if you did, i hope you at least had a good time. anyway, a word of caution to you local folks: all our show announcements are posted here. if you see listings elsewhere that seem a little weird (say for example, we're playing at a "pub" or something) double-check here.

i finished up the tour diary, go have a read when you have some time to kill. many thanks to all the folks who contributed photos. let me know if you have some cool pictures of your own...

also, new advice!

so you may remember that we have a kitty named after us. and now... may i present: freezepop the dog!

now that is some serious cuteness right there. thanks anthony and janice!

some new songs posted: the duke's remixes of "unicorn" by apoptygma berzerk! go listen!

we have some amazingly exciting new merchandise: freezepop lip balm!! go have a look (scroll down past the t-shirts). it was lovingly handmade by the bag lunch company. now we're almost as cool as gordon merrick. almost.

ok, remember how i said i was going to be better about posting photos? well, i meant it. here are some new ones.

the duke's daft & dotty remix of "parlez vous freezepop?" has just been released on vol. 22 of the "little darla has a treat for you" cd series. it's an exclusive track, go here for more information or to order it.

i know it's been a long time coming, but i finally put a few new photos up, from our great scott's show. i promise i will try to do things in a more timely manner from now on. and if you have some cool photos from our middle east show, feel free to send them along...

sorry it's been a while. i've been busy trying to book our tours, we still could use some help if you've got help to give... other than that, i've posted some nice new reviews. we're also featured in the current issue of northeast performer, so pick up a copy if you're in the area or you can read it online.

we're featured in the calendar section of boston globe today, with a nice big photo, so go pick up a copy or check it out online. can i just tell you how cold that water was? (it was so very, very cold)

we are pleased to announce the winner of our remix contest: krister petersson, from sweden! for more details, and to listen to his remix, check out our contests page. there's also more info about a few runners-up as well...

the much-awaited bike thief vinyls are back! this time they're clear. sean and i did a lot of silkscreening of the covers today. mmm paint fumes...

more good CMJ news, we're up to #45 in the top 200, and #38 for the core!

yay, we've jumped up to #67 on CMJ!

so much news... the most obvious is the fancy new website. it was time for a spring cleaning.

today is the official in-store date for fancy ultra•fresh. and, good news, we're #98 on the CMJ top 200, so thanks for requesting us! keep it up...

there's a new t-shirt design available in our store.

and last but not least, we're going to be having a new remix contest very soon. if you'd like to vote on which song we're going to use, there's a poll on our yahoo group.

fancy ultra•fresh is now at college radio, and we made 9th most added on CMJ this week! all you college radio listeners out there, call up your local station and request us!

ok, so a really really long time ago, the duke did a couple of remixes for apoptygma berzerk, for their song "unicorn." i sang on it too. and lo and behold, it's finally seeing the light of day. this is from the side-line website (where you can also purchase it):
"As announced exclusively by Side-Line a few weeks back, the "Unicorn" EP and "Harmonizer Tour" DVD is a fact. To be released through WEA, Side-Line now has this gem on order. With a brand new album due for release later in 2004, the band first releases a double package combining the "Harmonizer Tour" DVD with the long awaited "Unicorn" EP, the long awaited third single to be lifted from "Harmonizer". This double disc set contains the 11 track "Unicorn" audio CD which comes packed with totally new versions of the title track, a new Cure cover version ("A Strange Day"), live material ("Non Stop Violence" - Live in Tel Aviv) and a brand new exclusive APB track ("114 BPM"). Remixes on the EP have been delivered by Fairlight Children, T.O.Y., Freezepop, Hocico, Alon Cohen and No Comment. The added "The Making Of Harmonizer" DVD has a running time of over 1 hour 30 minutes and gives unprecedented access and insight into the 'behind-the-scenes' world of Apop with documentary footage, video clips and much more including a 'Ronan Harris and The Cameras' feature. A must for every dedicated APB fan!"

many thanks to everyone who came to our record release party, and apologies to all of you who couldn't get in. it was a fantastic night, the other bands were amazing, and i had the best time. let's do it again! i'll have photos up soon.


ok. i cannot believe this actually happened. i am completely amazed. it's definitely a career milestone when someone gets a tattoo of you. tony (of the duke's 9 dots tattoo fame) gave HIMSELF this tattoo. i am awestruck.

congrats to jim wolgemuth for winning the freezepop karaoke contest!

hey! we're in the march issue of wired magazine, on page 74. it's pretty nifty, although i do need to clarify a few things:
- we are mac people. and feisty about it.
- that whole thing about being on iTunes and Napster has been held up a bit, as soon as we have any info about that, it'll be posted here...
- the illustrator took some major creative license in depicting me wearing a GUITAR. what is up with that?!

the big news here is that we've finally sent fancy ultra•fresh out to the manufacturer. it is going to be so hott. you have no idea.

we've been getting some airplay on wfnx, on their local and electronic shows. so if you're in the boston area, give them a call and request us!

also, there's a new addition to the freezepop family, the little nephew of pannekoeken.

there's a very special new mp3 up!

last winter we appeared on the top shelf variety show, and that episode is now available online, for all you folks out there who don't happen to get newton cable access tv, and have the patience/bandwidth to download a 79 mb file. check it out at the top shelf website (it's the winter special, episode 14).

a new comp that we're on: dj keoki's kill the dj on cleopatra records. it features our cover of depeche mode's "photographic", as well as tracks from old- and new-school favorites like gary numan, ladytron, dead or alive, felix da housecat, and the ramones. check it, yo.
*disclaimer: we just got a copy of the cd, and as it turns out, the sound quality on this is really not the best. we will be offering this song at some point in the near future, so stay tuned.

the new pressing of freezepop forever has come in from the manufacturers, so i'll be catching up on all your orders this week.

new picks, fan art, and photos as well.

i've posted part one of the tour diary. (mr. andy shea, i hope this provides you with a few minutes of entertainment during your otherwise dreary work day.) european portion of the diary will follow shortly...

also, there is a fan video for "super-sprøde" online. i am bewildered by it.

oh yeah, how could i forget?! one more piece of news for y'all: while in amsterdam last week, after enjoying a fine plate of pannekoeken with powdered sugar, the duke once again changed his name. he is now the duke of pannekoeken. delicious.

we're back from europe, where we had an amazing couple of shows! i'm working on the tour diary, it'll be posted before too long.

while on the road, we sold out of freezepop forever, but fear not, we're manufacturing some more, and we decided that while we were at it, we may as well put out a new and improved version. SO... it has been remastered, with slightly different versions of "science genius girl" and "tender lies," and it now includes a marvelous video for "tenisu no boifurendo" which has been years in the making. you can go order it whenever you want, but it'll be a few more weeks before we get it back from the manufacturers though.

a lot of news! we're back from the US portion of our tour, and it kicked a great deal of ass! we met a ton of great folks, many of whom we've been corresponding with for a while. much fun was had, much rokking was accomplished. i doubt i'll get around to posting the tour diary before we leave for england, but i promise it won't be too much longer after that...

in other news, we're in yet another videogame! konami's karaoke revolution was just released last week for playstation 2, so here's your chance to sing along with an updated version of "science genius girl." time magazine just named karaoke revolution the best videogame of 2003! we're going to have a contest with it soon, so stay tuned...

still more: "science genius girl" is also featured on NPR's all songs considered, so go check it out and rate it!

and then some: our brand new theme song "parlez-vous freezepop" has just been released on the electroclash 2 compilation from larry tee! and we're very excited about playing the outsider electronic festival.

our song "plastic stars" is featured in a new snowboarding video, steezin' for no reason. it is highly entertaining to watch such reckless behavior set to our tender love ballad.

wow, what a show last night. it was excellent to finally play with our friends zea. the night was full of noisy guitarry wonderfulness. until we took the stage, that is. the other sean has recovered nicely from his bout with SARS, and we played an old-skool set of freezepop forever (almost in its correct order), as well as some other oldies but goodies.

okay! the cds are in. the preorders are being sent out. i'm on it.

big thanks to everyone who came to our show the other night, it was crazy-style screamy dancey fun. i've posted some photos. there's new fan art, too.

philippe is standing on it.

there's a brand-spanking new incarnation of the lifestyleland website up. AND... it features an entire web album you can download. oh yeah!

there's an amazing (and confusing) new fansite, go have a look!

we finally have more details about hi-5 my remix, our much-anticipated ep... it will feature the new track "super-sprøde" (from the PS2 game amplitude) as well as remixes by:
- stephan groth from apoptygma berzerk/fairlight children (tracey gold)
- chris ewen from future bible heroes (super-sprøde)
- soviet (super-sprøde)
- the captain boothnavy swallow of lifestyle fame (bike thief)
- livesexact (super-sprøde)
- bunnyhug (super-sprøde)
- bass kittens (lazy)
and other remixers you know and love from FIF: commodore vic (super-sprøde), kodomo (super-sprøde), and inter:sect (aka nice pete) (stakeout), as well as the duke's own remix of "freezepop forever." we're hoping to have them back by the end of september. we'll let you know as soon as we have an official release date.

another comp we're on has just been released. manifesto 2 from intellectos features chris child's remix of "stakeout" (he did the marvelous "tenisu no boifurendo" remix on FIF) as well as tracks by avenue d, broken spindles (joel from the faint), mogul, winterbrief, hanin elias/alec empire, the kitchen (amanda from bis), books on tape, ex-rental, and many more! and you get another intellectos mail order item free when you buy it from them!

we now have music in yet another video game! check out the schnellspanner remix of "bike thief" in downhill domination for playstation 2. it's released tomorrow.

mr. resetti is going to be posting all of the super-sprøde remix contest entries on his freq remix site.

Jason Wimple, aka PukeSTr (FreQ and Amplitude screen name), has won the Freezepop/Amplitude "Super-Sprode" Remix Contest with his Ugly Mafiosi Mix! His remix had all the elements we were looking for, like inventive drum programming that had lots of nice change-ups and interesting use of the built-in fx like stutter, delay, and chorus. Congrats to him on an excellent remix! All the remixes were really great and each had its own unique qualities. Some were super-fast, others took out the vocals completely, and some were all out aural assaults (good for huge point scores!) You can check out some of his other music here as well: www.mp3.com/pukestr

robert and lauren have raised fan art to a whole new level. say hello to our namesake...

cohaagen music has released "living on video," a DVD compilation of 20 underground synthpop videos, including our very own "stakeout, " as well as a bunch of other great stuff. check it out!

we got a nice mention in edge, a uk videogame magazine: "The music's just the base metal, there for you to mould into something else. And some of it you'll love, some of it you'll loathe, and by your second week in Amplitude's world you'll know it all off by heart. Edge can't stop singing Freezepop. Plus ca change..."

it seems that i only have been bringing bad news to our otherwise festive news page. but it seems that after 3 fruitful and productive years on this planet, abby, QY70 #2 of 4, passed away quietly on wednesday april 24th. she started off the day in such a good mood, she had just played a fantastic show at the lizard lounge, and was still giddy from getting to play the jem theme. but then her condition changed suddenly, and she couldn't support herself less and less, seemed to feel dull. then she stopped breathing in the arms of her owner and completed her three years four months and more several days life filled with various adventure. since opening this website, abby had gotten incredible lots of support from all over the world, not only in the US, more than 25 countries. surely she seems to be the best fortunate qy70 in the world. thank you very much for your warmth. in freezepop's music, she can live forever. wishing she can also live in hearts of you all, please.
- the duke

ninthwave records' electricity 2 compilation is out today. it features a remix of "tracey gold" done by empire state human, and also the duke's remix of soviet's "marbleized." for the full track listing, and to order it, go here.

hi everyone,
i don't often write things that appear on our news page, but i just learned of some very sad news. mark reynolds, the lead singer of the synthpop band, red flag, passed away on april 7th. red flag was one of the early synthpop bands that i listened to and can remember the day i got naive art at a strawberries in ohio. i very nearly wore that tape out listening to it over and over. their music has proven to be an influence on my song-writing and inspiration in my life. if you haven't listened to the early red flag music, i highly suggest you check them out. mark will certainly live on through their music.
-the duke

and in other news, there's a new interview with the duke and i on earlash.com. and while you're there, check out a live ladytron review the duke wrote.

the amplitude website is up and... what's that song?

howdy all. we've got some good news and some bad news for you. let's start with the bad... it's looking like our full-length cd's release date is slowly creeping back again, for a variety of reasons. it's looking more like late summer/early fall at this point. "but i can't wait that long!!" you're saying. well, this is where the good news comes in. we've decided to release a remix cd in the meantime. it will feature some very exciting remixers (more details on this forthcoming, but trust me on this one) as well as our new song "super-sprøde" which all you amplitude players out there undoubtedly have etched into your brains. stay tuned, and i'll let you know anything else as soon as we get it figured out...

we've got some screenshots from amplitude for you to have a look at. the game should be in stores on march 26. and we're going to have another game remix contest starting on may 1, so stay tuned...

yet another comp we're appearing on: electricity 2 on ninthwave records. it features a remix of "tracey gold" done by empire state human, and also the freezepop remix of soviet's "marbleized." it's out on april 29, and you can pre-order it here.

ooo, we got a mention in the chicago tribune:
Just as Hollywood is finally seeing financial possibilities in doing business with video game companies (witness the incredible collaboration between Warner Bros. and Shiny Entertainment on the upcoming "Enter the Matrix" games), music labels are starting to understand the benefits of forging similar relationships. The soundtracks to the first two "Tony Hawk" games (before the series started licensing more mainstream artists) brought awareness of several smaller bands to a throng of gamers. Freezepop, a retro-techno act, was under the radar when one of its tracks appeared in "Frequency." The game exposure gave the group exposure and sales, and it has submitted a track for "Amplitude," which is sure to create even more fans of its kitschy Kraftwerk-inspired sound.

rchrd oh?! has started a freezepop community on livejournal! go have a look-see at: http://www.livejournal.com/~freezepop4ever

we're on another really cool new comp, this is electroclash from cleopatra records. it's a spiffy 3-disc set that features not only new stuff (ladytron, bis, joy electric) but also some of our old-skool favorites like soft cell, gary numan, information society, and visage! anyway, we contributed an exclusive track, the schnellspanner remix of "bike thief" (which is slightly different from the version that appears on the 12", it being somewhat shorter and featuring my vocals as opposed to just evil-sounding vocoder.) check it out, yo.

more big news, i finally completed the "stakeout" video! it is posted and ready for your viewing pleasure...

the big news is that the "bike thief" vinyls are finally in. it features the kryptonite and schnellspanner remixes. and it's on lovely clear blue vinyl. it's a super-limited edition pressing of 200, and you can also order it with a custom-made even-more-limited edition sleeve.

and by the way, gordon merrick has posted another duet we did together, our cover of the dreamiest song ever, space age love song.

while in buffalo a few weeks back, i recorded a few duets with the beloved gordon merrick. go have a listen to our version of neverending story. it'll give you warm fuzzies.

our yahoo group is up to 299 members! will you be #300? go sign up!

and many thanks to everyone who came out to the benefit on saturday. we had soooo much fun (especially in the kissing booth), and we raised enough money to replace violet's camera! go have a look at some photos, and we even have some video up there as well!

in other news, i am hard at work on another video, this one for our new song "stakeout," so hopefully you'll be seeing that in a few weeks...

we're on a new comp from moonshine records called electro nouveau! it features "plastic stars" as well as an exclusive track, the kryptonite remix of our new song "bike thief" done by the duke and intersect (who did the "manipulate" remix on fashion impression function). the comp has a pretty stellar lineup: ladytron, chicks on speed, bis, gusgus, felix da housecat, adult, and so much more! would you like more info? of course you would.

this is really really funny. i didn't know we had a hit single.

some news in the freezepop-related video game realm: the new sony playstation network adapter! you can play frequency online, share your freezepop remixes, and chat. you can catch the duke online if you're lucky, and we'll also be scheduling something soon when several of us will be online, so we'll keep you posted.

sorry it's been so terribly long since the last update. we've been busy working on our new album. so far so good. i guess we're about half done.

i do have a new exciting feature for you though: the pepper pages. i won't even try to explain it. you'll just have to see for yourself.

and hey, anybody need a freelance designer/illustrator/pop star? email me...

a couple of photos from the show last nite. sorry to all of you who waited in the pouring rain. that was kinda lame.

and if you live in the boston area, you should pick up the latest issue of the noise. pretty hot centerfold...

check out our remix contest winners!!

we are back from california and it was marvelous! first of all, exciting announcement, we won Best US Band in the American Synthpop Awards! thanks so much to everyone who voted for us! our shows went great... really fun audiences. and it was cool getting to meet so many people from our yahoo group!

and then as an extra added bonus, I MET RICHARD SIMMONS at the airport yesterday!!! not much could have made me happier than that.

tour diary and photos coming soon...

i've finally posted our european tour diary! hopefully, there will be some more photos up there shortly, but this is a good beginning...

there's a cool article about sean in today's boston globe! there's also some amazing new fan art.

well, we're back! we had the most incredible time. we met so many great new people, and also got to see lots of old friends. soon i'll be posting a tour diary/photo section so you can see for yourself.

one major development that happened while on the road: the duke has undergone a transformation. he is no longer the duke of candied apples, but rather (drumroll, please) the duke of belgian waffles. long live internationnal breakfast foods.

we also have a limited number of the elefant version of freezepop forever available for sale. please consult our buy page for details.

there's a new remix to check out on our music page, it's empire state human's take on Tracey Gold...

we've been nominated for best US band in the 2002 american synthpop awards! go to www.synthcon.com/awards.html to cast your vote...

some new photos from last night's excruciatingly evil debut performance of flavur-ice...

we just put up some new mp3s on our music page. also, there's a bit of new music news, we've contributed a track, a single mix of "tender lies" to evolution - the new breed of electronic pop, a comp soon to be released by cohaagen music. it also includes "marathon" by karacter (the old-old-school electronic thingy by the original sean t. drinkwater), as well as many other tracks by electro-pals of ours, like the mourning after, soviet, gary flanagan, and ganymede.

new musical fan art too... AND yet another freezepop fan site!

we have our first fansite... www.freezepopfans.tk! and it's from norway...

many thanks to everyone who came out to our show saturday! it was a marvelous time, and lifestyle played perhaps their best set yet. there are a bunch of new photos and some on lifestyleland as well...

okay! drum roll please... the winners of our frequency remix contest are:
grand prize winner: Dan Moskowitz with his Moskow Remix
the runner up is 1-4-4 (AKA George) with his Bioethics106 Remix
for more info and to hear the tracks, head on over to our music page!

congratulations to the duke and his arsenal of trusty qy-70s, #1 in The Noise's 2001 reader's poll in the "other instruments" category!

even more nifty new stuff: a freezepop interview on coolgrrrls.com, and a lifestyle review in billboard!

there's a freezepop article in the new issue of electronic musician magazine! page 38.

"plastic stars" came in at #27 on wzbc's top 90.3 songs of 2001 countdown!

there's a freezepop interview up on freq.com...

we had a really great show in new york this weekend. we were very pleasantly surprised by the turnout! big thanks to hugo and rui for setting everything up. i've posted some photos...

other big news: we've booked our official EP release show! it's in the front room at the Paradise (the former M-80 for all you euros out there) on saturday, february 9. also, we have new t-shirt sizes available, not to mention fancy new undies! now that's hot!

happy new year everyone! we had quite a fun show the other night. it's great when people are in the mood to dance...

so hey: nominations are now being accepted for the 2002 American Synthpop Awards, which will be presented at Synthcon in L.A. this May. You can go cast your vote at: http://www.synthcon.com/awards.html

there's a nifty little freezepop feature in the new issue of vice... pick up a copy, or check it out online!

as if your head weren't already spinning with all the new freezepop music, there is a new comp available from souvenir records called "popaganda: the speed of sound." it features an exclusive freezepop track, "the seven-boom medley" (in which we venture into the realm of gloriously cheesy covers). there is also a lifestyle song, "it doesn't mean that i don't love you if i forget to call you back." it's a true story. want more info?

well, a very exciting day in the world of freezepop yesterday! first off was the delivery of our new EPs! yeah! you can order them and we'll send them out asap so you don't need to wait for our official release date. i also heard from elefant that they just got in their freezepop CDs (a fancy-schmancy digipack release of freezepop forever w/bonus track and videos) as well.

i posted some new photos from our show sunday night. and one more thing for you to have a look at: lifestyle's brand new mp3 page.

from the duke: "hey everybody! just wanted to say a few things. first off, shout-outs to WPI in house last night at our show, and to all who came and checked us out after finding out about us through Frequency. thanx for coming up and saying hi! it was quite a "unique" show and i'm always amazed how at each and every show i can find new and interesting ways to mangle "Get Ready 2 Rokk"! so far, the rumble semi finals and last night's show are in a tie. i cut myself pretty badly smashing my guitar at the rumble, but at least i didn't have to borrow a cutting utensil to repair a cable in the middle of the song [mucho thanx to guy who with good fortune was standing right in front of me and had a swiss army on hand] (george saves the day!). also- i think the night was most adequately summed up by someone after the show who came up to me and really found the right words... "feels good to be on the way up, doesn't it?" ah, sometimes the right words can bring it all home.
and on a totally different tangent [i guess i am in an overly thankful mood this morning], i want to give props to my homeslice eric sprague, who 3 years ago set his qy70 down in front of me and said "you have to check this out." there might not have ever been a freezepop if he hadn't started those wheels in motion. and if you ever want to learn how to fly, he's your man [learning how to land is a requirement with him though]."

there is wonderful new fan art. and happy belated birthday to miss lunarkitty.

greetings humanoids and robots. the duke here, and this is my first time getting to update our news section, and i'm very excited because we have several doozies of noteworthy news items to let you in on. first off, an EP update!! ok, its title is "Fashion Impression Function" and it's only a few weeks away from being in our hot little hands. we'll be getting up information on pre-ordering it very soon, along with some mp3s. until then, don't fret because there are ways of exploring your secret freezepop fantasies, mmmm, sweet moist fantasies.

we have a song in a new Sony Playstation2 video game called "Frequency" which is out at this very moment. It's an interactive music game where the object is to create a band's song from scratch. The song we have in the game is special version of "science genius girl" and it's pretty fantastic to get to assemble all those synths and vocoder and vocal parts. which segueways nicely into our next item on the agenda: REMIX CONTEST!!

so in the game you can remix our song to make your very own version. we think you should send us your masterpieces, and a panel of creative juggernauts will evaluate your remix and once a winner is chosen, we'll feature it on our site and send you some splendid booty, like an Intel mp3 player with our new EP loaded onto it for 1st place, and a choice of shirt or mousepad for second place. the 2 winners will also get a copy of our new EP as well. the deadline for getting your remix into us [cd or mp3 is our format of choice] is swedie's birthday. oh yeah- that's january 29th for those not in the know.

speaking of splendid booty, it's my pleasure to announce the arrival of twins!! heidi [serial # 001450] and swedie [serial # 001568] are the newest qy70's to bring joy to our freezepop family. i was really was pacing quite furiously in the waiting room of the post office, but then i found out that 2 new bundles of bliss had successfully made their way in via stork. megan [serial # 012666] is the oldest and is looking forward to having new playmates to pick on and dress up, but i'm a tad worried about abby [serial # 021089] who is feeling a bit un-loved with all the commotion surrounding the twins.

well, we're back from our mini-tour, and it was quite fun! all sorts of wacky hijinks... those lifestyle boys are a bad influence. many thanks to our gracious hosts: nick in buffalo, dj lazarus in toronto, and john and david in montreal. we have a bunch of new photos for you to have a look at, and you can also find some more on lifestyle's site as well. (sorry for the overly artsy quality of some of them, after a year and a half, i'm still figuring out my camera.)

big news: the lineup for synthcon 2002 has been announced, and we're playing! i'm also excited because the mourning after, whom you may know from the know your enemy comp we put out, are playing too. anyway, it's next memorial day weekend, it's in l.a. and maybe you should go. more info can be found on the official synthcon website...

we have some new merchandise! first off, there's a new t-shirt design. but that's not all: we are now pleased to offer.... mousepads! it has come to my attention that our target market seems to be... well... quite fond of their computers. certainly i count myself among those types. okay, basically, we're all geeks, so let's just admit it and move on. anyway, if you'd like to see these lovely new products, they're on our merchandise page.

there's a new interview for you to check out on womanrock.com. it's just me, not the boys, even though i'm not really the most vocal member of the band (well, except for the singing part) but anyway, i guess it being womanrock and all.

and we're working hard on finishing up our EP! been doing some recording and photo-sessioning. soon. very soon...

a technically "interesting" but nevertheless fun show on saturday. and then some grilled cheese sandwiches. we have some photos for you to enjoy. (just of the show, not of the samiches, sorry.)

and speaking of photos for you to enjoy, if you are in the boston area, i highly recommend checking out the new gap billboard above the gap in kenmore square, featuring simon le bon and nick rhodes. ohhh, it is a thing of beauty.

we had quite a fun time this weekend at our show in new hampshire, with lifestyle, the texas governor, and the imported danish hams, si senor. the stage was really big so we set up everyone's instruments, and took turns playing, and all joined together at the end, for an archenemy-style hootenanny. yee-ha! go have a look...

there's a new release from the freezepop extended family: lifestyle's new EP, "frontier." finally! it features 6 magnifcent ultra-pop tunes. i highly recommend it (yes, i may be biased, but it seems that if you already like freezepop, then lifestyle is a pretty safe bet). you can check out the full details at lifestyleland.com, or order it from archenemy.com.

remember when i mentioned over the summer that i had modeled for a vintage clothing site? well, she's set up an ebay store, so if you're a fashion fan, or just want to check out some local rock stars wearing fancy clothes, you can finally check it out at www.vintagesweetheart.com.

whew, it's tough being on tour. even when you're not even playing any shows yourself... anyway, it was a fun weekend of lifestyle goings-on, first with bis in new haven, and then some illegal dancing with our new danish friends si senor in new york. speaking of which, if you're seeing lifestyle on wednesday, or us on saturday, you should get there in time to see si senor. because they're swell, and they're here all the way from denmark.

and we have new fan art.

there's a fun new freezepop article/interview on the synthpopalooza website! miss lunarkitty has also received a new advice question.

in other freezepop news, we finally ended our 4-show cancellation streak and actually played a show this weekend! imagine that. and here's an exciting piece of freezepop trivia for you: completely independently of one another, the other sean and the duke both dyed their hair the same color at the same time on saturday night! great minds think alike. you don't need any more proof than that.

mumbleboy has made a lovely freezepop I.F.Q.O.! what is an I.F.Q.O., you ask? go look!

yet another new song for you! the live version of get ready 2 rokk taken from our show on WMFO...

we have a song bundled on Intel's new mp3 player, and are featured on their website as well.

we put a new mp3 up here for your listening pleasure... another live track from the WMBR radio show, T DJ!

so this weekend, miss lunarkitty and michael (a.k.a. the green tongue) had a party. we played some songs. then the cops shut us down. which i guess is a milestone in any band's career. gee, we haven't had too much luck with our shows lately. on a more personal note, this occasion also marked the first time that i got to perform with swedie. you can go see some photos.

a new reason for you to join our e-group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Freezepop: there's another super-secret ninja track for members to check out! this time it's the live Science Genius Girl remix from our WMBR performance.

so the duke did some remixes for this depeche mode contest, and one of them was selected in the top 10 out of 1100 submitted! yay duke! you can download the mp3s to have a listen for yourself:
i feel loved (shorter version)
i feel loved (extended version)

in other news, our show last night kicked so much ass! well, no. actually, the power went out during the band before us. oh well. we still had some freezepops to share, so all was not lost. sorry if you tried to come see us.

exciting news in the world of freezepop! we finally have a new video for you to watch! it's for tender lies. it's a bit silly.

for any of you who were wondering why the duke sold his qy-100, he goes into great detail on the subject in the latest addition to our gear page...

we had quite a fun show in new york this weekend. it was cool to finally meet some people we've been e-mailing. so there are a bunch of new photos, and you should also look at the photos from lifestyle's set too.

and now for some big merchandising news: we've expanded beyond the basic white t-shirt! you now can get black shirts, or girly tees in white, black, or orange, and we even have some long-sleeve shirts. the variety will certainly make your head spin. see for yourself!

we've been added to the bill at the add n to (x) show at tt's on july 12!

i posted a few new photos. they're mostly pretty goofy. i'm modeling for an upcoming vintage clothing website, along with many other local rock girls and boys, so it should be a pretty fun site. i'll link to it as soon as it's launched, because if you like vintage clothing even half as much as i do, you're definitely going to want to check it out.

a new and exciting website for you to check out: www.lifestyleland.com! a little background: lifestyle is the original sean t. drinkwater's band. i thought he and his music were so fantastic that i cloned him when we needed another band member (thus, the other sean t. drinkwater). anyway, lifestyle finally have their own website... it's still a work-in-progress, but more fun and exciting stuff is constantly being added.

hey! we won best new band at the American Synthpop Awards! many thanks to everyone who voted for us...

I just put up a bunch more pix from the rumble. They are amazing. If you want to witness our descent into mayhem and madness, go have a look.

And: here's a chance to own a piece of freezepop history: the Duke is selling his QY-100! It just wasn't really getting along with the QY-70, and they were keeping him awake all night with their bickering.

Once again I'm going to plug our e-group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Freezepop. Members now have access to a super-secret ninja preview of the much-anticipated "7 boom medley." Oooh...

Some more new photos from the rumble. There will be more soon, I promise. It was a pretty crazy show. Who knew bubble machines could be so dangerous?

Other news... 1) We did some recording last night. 2) The duke is heading over to Synthcon in L.A. this weekend. 3) The QY-100 is not everything the Duke had hoped it would be. 4) We're repressing our CD!

have a look at our cutest fan...

umm... we won the first round of the rumble last night. we're still a bit bewildered about it. anyway, we're playing the semifinals on friday, may 18 at the middle east downstairs.

wow. cibo matto was one crazy show! there were a LOT of people there. if you're one of those people, welcome! nice to see you again. if you're one of the people who tried to get in but could not because it was sold out, sorry. but we do have a special treat: our pal rick filmed the show and you can now check out "get ready 2 rokk" on the archenemy site!

Some fancy new additions: our fan art page has now branched out into the audio world, featuring a hilarious "Freezepop Forever" tribute by the Burgess Tree-Oh (Annie, Molly and Mom) and a decidedly un-hilarious rendition of "Summerboy" by Gordon Merrick.

Also, Nike Skylark has started a Freezepop message group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Freezepop! Go check it out!

well, we had quite a lovely show at keene state yesterday... it was our first outdoor show, and it was such an absolutely perfect day for it! gorgeous and warm and sunny (about time too... i was ready to gouge out my eyes when i woke up to it SNOWING less than a week ago). it was fun. there were even campus security guards and a dachsund in the audience.

there are some new t-shirt designs you can have a look at...

hey! we have been nominated for some American Synthpop Awards! for best artist, album, song, and new artist. that's pretty exciting. so please go vote! here's how: you have until may 4. there's a complete list of nominations at http://www.lexiconmagazine.com/awards.html and you're supposed to copy and paste it into an e-mail... there is an e-mail link on that page, but if for some reason the link doesn't work for you, the address you're supposed to use is: guerue@erols.com

there's an interview with us posted at turnuptherock.com. it's quite nice. you should go read it. also, if you're in the boston area, there's an article about us in the noise, so you pick up a copy of that too.

we've been booked to open for cibo matto at the somerville theatre! exciting! i love cibo matto! yay!

we are very pleased to announce the upcoming european release of our album! elefant, a fantastic madrid-based pop label will be licensing our album, plus a few bonus tracks, and also including the "freezepop forever" video. they're also going to be doing a limited edition vinyl, how cool is that? we'll keep you posted as to when the official release date will be. meanwhile, do have a look at their website at www.elefant.com. it is very lovely, and you can check out some of their other great bands.

oh, i also posted a few new photos, more from our record release show. and hey, have you ever wondered about dr pepper and its generic store brand equivalents? i sure have.

we took a little band field trip this weekend to go see duran duran in connecticut! wow. i thought they were fantastic of course... i thought simon looked as dreamy as ever... i really liked nick's red velvet suit (maybe he's been reading miss lunarkitty's advice column?)... my major complaint was that the crowd was pretty lame. (stand up! scream! this is duran duran!) oh, and that they didn't play "late bar" (not that the crowd deserved it, but it still would have made my day)... anyway, yeah. duran duran.

in our own musical news, we've been invited to play the rumble. yeah, we think it's weird too. to the best of our knowledge, we're the first rumble band without a drummer or guitarist. (if we're wrong about this, please do let us know, we'd be interested to find out). some people have expressed great concern about us playing the rumble (for all you non-bostonians out there, there is a long-standing curse of rumble winners going on to.... absolutely nothing (sound of lonely wind and a sad coyote howling in the distance)) we've seen it happen. to our friends, even. well, i guess we'd be more worried about it if we thought we had any chance whatsoever of winning. i mean come on! we don't have a drummer or a guitarist! we just think it'll be sorta fun. or funny. or something.

we have two versions of the "freezepop forever" video up now, so you can choose between streaming and preloading depending on your connection speed. go check it out!

we have even more new photos and new advice for you to check out. very very soon, we'll have a video for you. (i know we've had stuff in the works for a while, but really, it'll be done in a few days now).

and we have a favor to ask you... they're now accepting nominations for the American Synthpop Awards, and we'd love it if you would head on over and voice your support!

if you'd like to hear some more music (and i would guess that you probably would), head on over to the archenemy record company mp3 page where you can now have a listen to the debut album by karacter, a synth-tacular side project of our beloved The Other Sean T. Drinkwater. it is highly worth your while.

so. wow. we had our record release show on friday, and it kicked a lot of ass! there were a ton of people there, we had a great time, and it seemed like the crowd was too. we even have a few photos of it already, thanks to eric johanson. we'd like to thank everyone who showed up, and the other bands, splashdown, butterfield 8, and the silverpoint, who all sounded fantastic. and a very special thanx goes to robotkid for providing the atari video specacular behind freezepop along with the last minute logo manipulations! check out robotkid's website for more on the video and audio that he does @ www.robotkid.com

we also have a bunch of other new fun stuff: some other photos, new picks of the week, and new fan art. have a look around! oh, and get a load of this: the weirdest top 10 you're ever going to see (from radio elo 98.5 in madrid):

1 Original Prankster THE OFFSPRING
2 Tennis Boyfriend FREEZEPOP
3 Thank You for Loving Me BON JOVI
4 The Cartographer ROCKETS BURST FROM STREETLAMPS (our labelmates' kick-ass pop song)
5 Cacho a Cacho ESTOPA
6 Amor se paga con amor Jennifer Lopez
7 Y Sin Embargo Joaquin Sabina
9 Stuck in a Moment U2
10 Trouble COLDPLAY

we're on a chart with bon jovi...

some nice new stuff:
we got a lovely review in lexicon magazine (a fantastic synth-pop print and web resource)
"tenisu no boifurendo" is currently tied for #2 on the chart at the japanese website gorancha.com!
we've also been getting some positive feedback from radio stations and press in europe. apparently "tracey gold" is a french favorite...

there is some new merchandise i'd like to bring to your attention. we just got some fancy-schmancy posters, and a new t-shirt design is available, with our logo written in katakana. go look!

happy new year to all of you! some exciting announcements: our song "T DJ" was one of the top 90.3 songs of the year on WZBC! and we are now featured on a japanese website, gorancha.com, as one of their "pick-up" artists. unless you can read japanese, you won't really be able to figure out what's going on and how it works, but hey, it's worth a look anyway.

well, our cd has officially been sent off for manufacturing! oh boy oh boy! we're all waiting on pins and needles. ouch. and we just filmed a video for "tender lies." i know, i know, we're supposedly "working" on all these "videos," please be patient with us. we just want to make you happy. and you are going to be happy. soon enough. really.

So here's some nifty news: we're gonna be on a comp (other than the fantastic (and very synth-heavy) Know Your Enemy comp, which we're going to keep you posted on as the official release date draws closer)... anyway, Ninthwave Records is putting out Electricity, a 14-track electronic pop sampler, which will include our song "Plastic Stars" (definitely our dreamiest song). You can find more info on the Lexicon Magazine website.

there have been some changes to the "etc" page. lots of new exciting stuff.

We're very close to completing our full-length cd! It should be available in December. We'll keep you posted as we have more details...

Also, we've posted all our full-length MP3s on our Listen page. Now's the time to build up your collection!

Wow! we had a quite a show on Saturday... lots of people, lots of fun, lots of freezepops, lots of dancing (and even some breakdancing)... it was pretty swell.

and then to top off the weekend, a much-anticipated event: i (liz, that is) finally got to meet the T DJ!!! I had a lucky feeling as i was about to board the B-line, and there he was! so i introduced myself, he introduced himself (his name is DJ Nitetrain) and i told him we had a song about him, and he seemed pretty amazed. ( i guess i'd be pretty surprised too.) anyway, we're getting him some copies, he says he's going to be waiting by his mailbox. sure hope he likes it...

We have another show coming up, September 30 at TT's. Presented by Intelligent Records, with AM Stereo, Almost Speechless, and Andy Stochansky. It's 18+, $7, and we go on at 11.

Doh! Our upcoming show at the Sky Bar is actually on Sept. 6, NOT Sept. 7. We're sorry. Please come anyway.

In other news, The Purple EP is now officially available for purchase.

In other other news, we found out that "Science Genius Girl" had the honor of being song of the week at Studentradioen in Bergen, Norway! Yay Norwegians! They know what they're doing. This is especially touching since Bergen is the hometown of the Other Sean's great-grandparents.

Hey! We have a show coming up! It'll be on September 7 at the Sky Bar, with Chromavoid. Sky Bar is at 518 Somerville Ave. in Somerville, call 623-5223 for more details. Come see us!

Just posted: our new song, "Get Ready 2 Rokk"! Go have a listen. It'll be on our soon-to-be-released Purple EP.

I just posted some photos from our show at TT's.Our New York show has been postponed a bit, more details as we get them...

Exciting announcement! We're having a fun contest! Write to us! Send us "pick of the week" questions, offer to sponsor a tour, or just put yourself on our mailing list. We want to hear from you, and to prove how much y'all mean to us, we're having a raffle! One lucky writer-in will win a copy of our soon-to-be-released Purple EP! Yes, it really is soon-to-be-released. We're putting the finishing touches on it now. So write to us. We'll draw a winner at the end of July...

We got some reviews in the April issue of the Noise. Other than that, we've been busy recording stuff that's going to go on The Purple EP and a song for Know Your Enemy, the Archenemy Record Company compilation.

So we finally had our first show, at the Castle Von Buhler prom party last Saturday. It was fun! Everything went well and people ate lots of yummy frozen treats (unfortunately, freezepops are not available at this time of year, but we made do with popsicles). And you can't go wrong with a prom, fashion-wise. Later that night, our pals Lifestyle played a set of originals and prom favorites until the cops shut the party down. Alas. Anyway, we have some photos, check them out!