sunday, april 11

Got up early, feeling a little rough around the edges. Long drive to Rochester ahead of us. I think I slept some along the way.

Rest stop goodness.

Pretty uneventful drive. Looked on the internet for flights back to Boston to attend my grandfather’s funeral. Flying in/out of Montreal was crazy expensive and inconvenient, but luckily Jet Blue flies through Rochester, so at least I’d be able to get home relatively easily.

We arrived in Rochester, Plushgun were already there. The plan was that we’d get set up, the boys would soundcheck while DJ Darkwave, the promoter, brought me and Xmas (and Jason) to WBER to do an interview. BER have always been very supportive of us, as they were of Splashdown back in the day, and it was cool to go say hello. I think it was Christmas’ first radio interview. You can listen to it here!

Us at the station, and a motivational poster there as well!

We went back to the club, I was able to jump on a computer and book a flight home, and then a wonderful dinner, where Mrs. Darkwave brought us TWO kinds of lasagna, and red velvet cupcakes! After having eaten road food for a week, a home-cooked meal was just about the greatest thing in the world, and we were all super-excited about this. After eating, we then got fancied up, in the middle of which I dashed out to catch a few songs by the opening band, Marlowe, I wish I could have seen more. Then finished getting dressed, and danced for most of Plushgun’s set.

There was a really big crowd gathered, and we were excited. Having never played Rochester before, we had no idea what to expect. On the one hand, Splashdown were huge here. On the other hand, that was a very, very long time ago, and would people still remember/care, especially with the Duke being gone? And, it was a Sunday night. And we were TIRED, it being our 6th show in a row. We were expecting this show to inevitably be somewhat of a letdown from our amazing show in NYC, but amazingly, it totally was not! The crowd were amazing and fun, and gave us so much energy, and honestly made it so easy for us to get up there and have a good time. It was such a nice surprise.

This pic by Dan Dangler.

We hung around for a really long time afterwards, talking to sooo many folks. Afterwards, we all headed over to another club, for the official Freezepop/Plushgun afterparty. DJ Darkwave was playing some lovely, lovely tunes, and we (mostly me) danced a whole lot and we just hung out and had a really fun night. It was awesome. At one point, they played our Frontload video though, and it made me miss my Boston pals. As bummed as I was to be missing our days off in Montreal, a couple of days at home would be a good thing too.