monday, april 12

Got up pretty early, bid adieu to my roommates Seany and Xmas, and took the hotel shuttle to the airport (although we were staying out by the airport and I probably could have just walked there). Had a surprisingly good airport breakfast, and amazingly did not sleep on the flight to JFK or the one to Boston. Got in late afternoon, took the T back home, with a brief stop at Super 88, the Asian supermarket, for some broccoli and tofu. Ridiculously excited to eat some healthy food.

Got home just as my brother was dropping Simon off at our place. Poor Simon and his pup-cousin Daemon were having *digestive issues* and my bro had taken them to the vet to make sure they hadn’t picked up any weird tummy parasites or anything. So that’s another reason I was happy to be back home, my poor sick little guy! He seemed pretty okay though, and actually kinda disgruntled about the vet's orders to take the night off from food.

Heard from the others that they had successfully made the border crossing into Canada. We were being VERY legit this time around, and had work visa exemption paperwork, and we paid import taxes on all our merch, and did everything by the book. So yay, nobody got arrested this time around! Phew. As for me, I had some friends in town who stayed over, and I was majorly exhausted, so we stayed in and watched episodes of Hoarders, and I completely fell asleep in front of the TV.