wednesday, april 14

Tuesday was my grandfather’s wake, and Wednesday morning was the funeral. As sad as everything was, it was really nice to see a lot of relatives and family friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a really, really, reallllly long time. After the funeral, my brother drove me back up to Boston, and then our friend Adam (whom you might know better as our remixer Commodore Vic) saved the day and drove me to Montreal, along with our friend Heather. This was super-awesome of him, because a) I was not about to rent a car and drive up to Montreal by myself and b) it was impossible to get any sort of flight that would have gotten me there in time.

So we drove and listened to some Savage Love podcasts, and I managed to doze a little bit in the backseat (which was pretty essential, since I’d gotten up at 6 a.m.)

We stopped at this crazy eco-rest stop in Vermont.

We stopped in Burlington, VT, at this awesome vegetarian restaurant for a super-fast dinner. Time was pretty tight, I knew I’d already be missing soundcheck, but I really wanted to be at the venue by the time doors opened. And considering we left Boston around 2, it was a race against time. The really big factor was how bad the border crossing would be. I mean, I had my paperwork too, in case we got stopped at the crossing, but if they decided to stop and search us, it could take hours. I was afraid my name would be on some list of "troublemakers" after last time...LUCKILY, the border guard let us right through. We made really good time into Montreal, and thankfully I remembered enough of my Montreal geography to navigate us to the bar (well, luckily the bar was on St. Laurent, i.e. The Big Street That All The Clubs Are On).

So we rolled in, and only PG Dan was there, everyone else was out getting dinner. I relaxed for like 10 minutes, then tracked down Jason and retrieved my suitcase from the van and got dressed. My bandmates and the other Plushgun boys started showing up, and it was a happy little reunion, I had actually missed everybody while I was gone. I was definitely in a sorta weird headspace, having had a weird emotional break mid-tour, and then having been like go-go-go all day, and then finally arriving and it being like I’d never left.

Anyway, the show. This local band AXXE opened up, and were quite good. Danced a lot for Plushgun’s set, but I could at least tell they were having some sound issues onstage, which made me a lil’ nervous (this being probably the least “fancy” venue of the tour). And yeah, since I’d missed soundcheck and all, I was not using my in-ear monitor, which made me appreciate how awesome it is, and how nice it is to be able to hear myself. Oh well. The show was still fun, even if it was maybe not my personal best performance ever.

Post-show, Sean DJed some My Dick tunes for us (the PG boys never having heard it before) and by the time we loaded out, I at least was pretty hungry. We were finally all staying at the same hotel, and got extra cots for Adam and Heather, and then me and Seany and Heather and Xmas and Jason and Dan ventured out in search of food. I should have worn another layer, it was cold out! We ended up at an all-nite diner where everyone else had previously eaten the night before. I had a little bit of poutine. That probably makes me a terrible vegetarian, but Sean got the gravy on the side, so I managed to only have a little bit.

Sean is looking really attractive.

Speed-walked back to the hotel, and then, finally made it to bed, practically 24 hours after my day had begun.