thursday, april 15

Had to get on the road relatively early, to leave ample time for the border crossing. It was sad to bid adieu to Montreal so soon after my arrival. We got out of town, eventually hit up a Tim Horton’s for breakfast, and then stopped at a duty-free store just before the crossing.

We made friends!!

Not that we antipated any trouble crossing back into America, but the border guard did his best to be intimidating. (My favorite exchange- guard: WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU PLAY. Jason: Synthpop. guard: WHAT IS THAT.) Plushgun said they had a flirty lady. That sounds better.

Crossing the actual bridge over the border, it was beautiful! It looked like a postcard, all water and teeny little islands and majestic trees, totally gorgeous (although unfortunately from the bridge, you can’t really get a good photo that isn’t just mostly bridge). Anyway, since the border crossing didn’t take a lot of time, we now had a lot of time to kill, and yay, there was a mall! I was excited for the first mall trip of the tour (even if it wasn’t a creepy deadmall) and got a sparkly Snoopy shirt. (Xmas had also bought me Snoopy socks while in Montreal, so I guess he might be my tour mascot.) Then I got some spicy tofu Chinese takeout and we got back on the road. It was "rural" and kind of confusing. Bananas said some swears at our GPS. Arrived at the Haunt, started getting set up, and had a little reunion with the backstage kitty. She’s so sweet.


Below: Us, and Matt, and Chris the promoter. This is the kind of excitement that goes on backstage. You can't see in the picture, but behind the camera, there are a bunch of groupies and a mountain of drugs, and Bananas is throwing a TV out the window.

We were fed, I had tasty veggie BBQ ribs and weird/yummy fried corn nuggets. DJ and Mrs. Darkwave had come from Rochester and had brought us another batch of cupcakes! And Plushgun had a technical freakout, some important piece of their gear had broken and Dan was frantically trying to back stuff up. This night kinda felt like the last night of the tour, I guess because we’d be back in Boston on Friday. So we were all starting to get a little bittersweet about it, because we’re going to totally miss Plushgun.

Their set was fun, and then our set was really fun too, it turns out that a lot of people had come from the Rochester show, and brought the party. We had a great time. Then at midnight, it was Bananas’ birthday! I fetched him a cupcake during the extended end of Get Ready 2 Rokk, and then everyone sang happy birthday. Bananas, of course, easily ate it in one bite. There are certain things in the world he is really good at, and that is one of them.

Of course we stuck around for a long time afterwards. My other favorite thing about this venue, besides the backstage kitty, is the little game kiosk at the bar, with Erotic Photo Hunt! Team Awesome was re-formed, this time including me, PG Taylor and Matt, and we were joined by this girl who had played with us the last time we were in town too! Hah. We did get another high score, I’m happy to report.

And then, it was off for a late-nite food run at Wegman’s! I have to say, that place is not *quite* as funny when you haven’t had wayyyyy too many cocktails. (In all fairness, the last time I was there, I was like “ohlookyoucanbuyfoodhere BWAHAAAAHAHHHAAAAHAAA!) It was still pretty amazing, though. Where else are you gonna get edamame salad at 2 in the morning? Man, that is a good supermarket.

Bananas, totally up to no good.