friday, april 16

No big rush today, but we got on the road at a reasonable hour. We were going back home, after all. It was a scenic country-time drive out of Ithaca, and we were holding out for food until we could hit up Bombers Burrito Bar again (full backstory here). We did have some doubts about driving our big van of expensive equipment thru the ghetto though (the one in Albany is kinda sketchy) but then thanks to some “internet research” I found that there was another branch in Schenectady (and bonus, it was closer to us, and we were pretty starving by this point).

So yeah, we went to get us some tasty burritos, just like the olden days. I got a BBQ tofu burrito, and it was delicious and wonderful. I also ordered up some veggie chili cheese fries, and I’m happy to report that they were also like the good old days, and not like the atrocity that had been served to us the previous year at the Albany branch. I gloated on the internet about my delicious old-school lunch. It made me pretty happy. (Also, if you’re wondering, the Schenectady branch is in a totally un-sketchy neighborhood and is all “new” and “nice”, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

It's like we totally color-coordinated our outfits!

Bananas drove most of the way back home, and it started to rain. There’s really something particular about the drive back home that makes you feel gross and terrible. I mean, we’ve been sitting in a van for 2 weeks, and rolling into towns and not feeling *great*, but not all wired and jittery and exhausted like we were now, either. Maybe it’s the inevitable maddening last-minute traffic jam on the Mass Pike, when home is *so* close? Maybe our bodies know that we can finally relax and let our guard down? Whatever, I was ready for a big ol’ nap. Which I don’t think I ended up getting? Maybe I did, can’t quite remember. All I know is that Simon was very happy to see us.

That night, Plushgun were playing a random show at the Rosebud Diner in Davis Square. Sean was fast asleep, and Bananas was off doing birthday-things, but Xmas and Jason and I braved the downpour and went to see them. Because Plushgun are awesome and I have not gotten sick of seeing their set. They always put on such a fun show. Seriously, I have to take a minute here to reflect on how great it’s been, touring with a band that I like seeing play, and I like hanging around with. It’s been awesome, and I feel lucky that it worked out so perfectly. I mean, certainly having toured with Boy in Static, we’re no strangers to traveling around with bands we like personally/musically, but that was sorta different since they were already in our band and all. Anyway, this tour worked out wonderfully, and the fact that I was going to see Plushgun voluntarily on my night off speaks volumes about how wonderful they are.

So we got to the Rosebud, which was kinda weird in and of itself, we never go there (except we randomly had part of our first new lineup photoshoot there) and it's certainly not the kind of place that has bands I would ever want to see. The scene was definitely unlike any of our other shows had been, seemed like this was a bar with a built-in crowd of more “normal” people. The place was packed, though. Unfortunately it’s not a great place for a show, in terms of having a shit sound system and a soundguy who doesn’t show up. Izzy Maxwell ended up stepping in to do sound for them (he and Matt are old friends, I'm telling you it is a really small world) and I hadn’t seen him a while, so it was cool to catch up with him a bit. The show was fun despite the sonic challenges, although unfortunately the place had a 1 a.m. curfew and basically 2 minutes after the set was over, the bouncers got really douchey and were screaming at people to vacate the premises. Which sucked, although getting to bed at a decent hour was actually quite nice.