saturday, april 17

Slept in. Jason was staying at our house, we had vague ideas of getting out to brunch, but that didn’t end up happening. Our soundcheck in Providence was actually pretty early, so Xmas and Bananas came over and we got back on the road.

The last time we played at Club Hell, it was January, and so freezing cold that before the show, I had to leave the club and sit in the car and put my feet under the heaters until the feeling came back. Luckily, that was not an issue this time around. We soundchecked, which was kinda rough. The manager, or whoever seemed to be in charge at the time, was this nice and extremely chatty dude, we realized we had lots of friends in common, and he gave us directions to a nearby burrito place (although not before I nearly passed out from hunger while he was being “extremely chatty”).

My burrito was ridiculously humongous, and quite poorly wrapped, so it became more of a burrito-pile. Bananas’ parents happened to be in town, so he’d gone out to dinner with them. Then Matt and PG’s tour manager, Skippy, also showed up at the burrito place, but we were pretty much done by then, and went to get some hot tea (my throat once again not feeling the best). Got back to the club and got fancied before people showed up. It was kind of difficult having to do this in a bathroom with red lightbulbs.

First up were this band Triangle Forest, who I had seen play at my friend’s zine release party in Brooklyn a couple of years ago, where I had done a guest DJ set. I liked them, and were psyched they were on this bill. I wish more folks had been there to see them, the show started really early since this club turns into an “urban” night later on. Our Providence friends had also started showing up, which was lovely. We danced for Plushgun’s last set, and it made me a little sad, although not really super-sad or anything since they’ll be playing in Boston next month anyway.

Then, our set. Well, it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great. It was medium. The sound was a little weird, our energy was a bit off, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was not a disaster by any means, although I do wish the last show of the tour could have been a little less anticlimactic. Oh well. We did not have much time to hang out afterwards, we started loading out almost immediately, as the new crowd started filtering in and it turned very quickly into an episode of Jersey Shore (which I say without ever having seen an episode of Jersey Shore, so I could really be way off-base).

The ONE group photo we have of both bands (plus Skippy, minus Jason).

And plus we had motivation to get out of town as quickly as possible, because Plushgun were driving back up to Boston that night (instead of back down to New York) and we wanted to bring them to Videodrome, our regular Saturday night awesome thing we do. We made it there by a little after midnight, and had a very happy homecoming reunion with all of our Boston friends, and introduced the Plushgun boys to the wonders of Videodrome, and I danced a whole lot, and it was a wonderful end to the night. Except the night didn’t end there, because our place is the customary Videodrome afterparty host!

Me, leading a mini-posse of Matt and Taylor.

So I led a big posse back to our house, and there was already another posse waiting on the porch, and we had an awesome party. The end-of-tour party is where things could normally get really depraved for any other bands, but as for us, Sean brought Plushgun into our rehearsal space in the basement, and busted out a great deal of his Star Wars figures, and there you have it, the nerdiest afterparty ever. We “partied” until about 5:30 (not all of that time was spent playing with Star Wars figures, luckily).

One more confused/intrigued-looking group photo, with our friend Danny standing in for Bananas, who had already gone home by this point. Plus, Simon, and a bag of cotton candy.

Finally, the Plushgun boys said their goodbyes, which was sad, but everyone was exhausted and we couldn’t carry on any longer. I kicked everyone else who was left out of the house, and passed out. And thus ends our tour.