Sunday, May 14

12:15 am: We returned to the club for our 12:30 set, except everything had been pushed back, so the opening guy was just about to go on. He had nice blippy music. We went on after that, and played almost the same set as the previous night, minus a few Karacter songs and "Don't Stop Believin." The crowd was smaller, but still really fun, there was a lot of dancing and singing along. The big problem was that it was soooo smoky in there (which I guess I am spoiled about in the States) and with the extra-long set, about 2/3 of the way through, my voice started to give out. We managed though, and ended things with our Photographic cover, which got people (mostly our posse) going crazy.

2:30 am: Lots of dancing with our new friends.

4:00 am: The club closed and it was time for us to hit the road. We piled back into the car and headed out. We were pretty awake still. We made it out of the city pretty quickly, and the wide open spaces looked amazing in the moonlight. We then drove into stuff that I'd been alseep for on the way in, more sandy/mountainy and really cool and creepy looking. The sun started to rise. Sleepiness started to set in (luckily Firat had loaded up on Red Bulls at the club). We hit a really dense patch of fog and got a phone call from the rest of the posse who were ahead of us, and warned us about some dude driving the wrong way on the highway. We were low on gas and had to pee at this point, so we figured it was a good time to hit a rest area. It was a tiny little store and we woke up the dudes inside. The bathroom was SCARY, one of those dealies with just a hole in the floor. I probably would have done better just peeing in a field by the side of the road (at least it would have smelled better out there). More stupid snacks were bought. Except we were so distracted by the bathrooms/snacks/fog/guy driving on the wrong side of the road that we totally forgot to get gas, and didn't realize it until we were back on the highway. Doh. Anyway, I guess we missed getting run over by anyone, and made it back to another gas station and continued on our way. It was still really foggy, most of the way until we hit that part where we had to get off the highway. That was a bit clearer, which was lucky since we were now driving on the outside lane of the scary cliff part. Once we made it back onto the highway, I nodded off for a while. We were really trying hard to stay awake to keep Firat company, but Seth seemed to have it covered with some Star Wars talk and his Pepsi Cappucino. I guess I must have been asleep for about an hour, there was still a long way to go when I woke up. I felt pretty terrible by this point, sore and cramped and achey and exhausted. We made another rest stop not far outside of Istanbul and Seth got this weird "Vitamineral" drink in a creepy black-and-white can. Standing up felt really good. We crossed a different bridge back into Europe and finally made it to the airport.

10:00 am: Met up with the rest of the posse in the parking garage, and we all headed in to the airport. There was a security check just to get inside. Then I headed into the ladies' room and changed out of my show clothes into more comfy traveling clothes and brushed my teeth (THE GREATEST FEELING IN THE WORLD). We re-packed all our various merch into our suitcases and then checked in.

From left: Tuncay, me (I kinda look like a cardboard cutout, don't I?), Namik (who you can't really see), Firat, Sean, and Seth. Not shown: Other Firat, who was taking the photo.

We said goodbye to our posse and then went thru passport control. There were lots of stores where the gates were, but they were all pretty ridiculously high-end (Versace, Gucci, etc) and then we went over to the food court, but even at Burger King the fries were like $10, which just seemed to be an airport thing, since the exchange rate was generally OK. We all felt pretty ill by this point, and while we were kinda wondering if having some real food in our stomachs might help out, it seemed pretty silly to take that chance with $10 BK fries. It could go really badly. We wandered our way to our gate and went thru another security checkpoint and sat there generally feeling in bad shape. I had brought Clif bars, so I gave that a try, and it seemed to help a little bit.

11:45 am: Our plane boarded. We were flying Delta this time, and we were a bit dismayed because our plane was kinda ghetto. No individual TV screens and bad headrests for sleeping. Nevertheless, I was barely awake for takeoff. I woke up to our meal. Having had the Clif bar I think had given me some momentum, and suddenly I was insanely hungry. I ate and promptly fell back asleep. Managed to sleep for a large portion of the flight, thank god. Woke up and the flight map said we were just under Iceland, so we had a ways to go still. Tried to sleep more but that wasn't happening, so I just did a crossword puzzle instead. There was more food. That was exciting.

4:00 pm New York time (11:00 pm Istanbul time): We landed. The passport check line took FOREVER. Everybody was really cranky about it, except for the dude who checked our passports, who was downright jolly and tried to explain Turkish politics to us.

5:00 pm: We finally made it out of there and had to get our luggage and re-check it to Boston. Then we went upstairs to the gates and had several hours to kill before our Boston flight. They had those stupid/awesome dollar massage chairs, which was a really good thing after having to sit still for so long. There was a Chili's in the terminal, so we decided to go kill some time there. I ordered a salad and a quesadilla, which somehow our waitress took to mean some kinda Barbecue burger. Luckily, we had enough time to kill for me to get my actual meal. There were TVs at the bar showing a newscast and we noticed there was all sorts of flooding in Massachusetts, which made us pretty nervous about what we'd be coming back to...

7:30 pm: Our flight was boarding. We had to get on a shuttle bus that took us out to the plane and it was kind of irritating since it took so long for people to board and everyone had to wait in line out in the cold. And then as soon as everyone was on, the steward announced that there were major delays in Boston because of the rain, so we were being bussed back to the terminal and waiting for another few hours. Which is really not the thing you want to hear after having traveled for so long. Anyway, we got back on the bus, back to the terminal, waited around for an hour, they boarded us back on, and then we were taxi-ing for another 45 minutes and then finally took off. That was scary. I do not like small planes. Landing was extra-scary. It was foggy and bumpy and rainy.

11:40 pm: Finally on the ground. Got our luggage and arrived home around midnight, 27 hours after we started traveling. The house was not flooded. My bed had never felt so good. I think I've had enough traveling for a little while.