Friday, November 10

I woke up around 10:30. I wish I could have slept later than that. the boys did not seem to have any trouble sleeping. finally we got a move on to find some breakfast. we headed down the classier side of st. laurent. the duke and I were really craving crepes so we walked quite a ways in search of a creperie, but to no avail. we finally settled on a nice pizza place. after that, the boys went off for boy-shopping, and I went off to do some shopping of my own. but no luck for me. I even found a pretty large thrift store, but still nothing. grumble grumble.

so I headed back to the hotel and met up with the boys. we decided to walk around some more, so we went down ste. Catherine and this time I did a little better with the shopping. got a nice bag and a super-bargain grey zip-up sweatshirt. we walked down pretty far and were getting kinda hungry, so we turned back to the hotel. sean got some poutine on the way back and crashed out in our room, and the duke and I met up with his friend chris, and went to st. denis, where we finally found our creperie. it was pretty tasty, although the batter they used for the crepes was somewhat sweetened, which was kind of weird with the savory filling. we were talking about poutine, when chris mentioned that he was getting some earlier and had seen alia shawkat, a.k.a. maeby funke in the restaurant. arrested development being my favorite show in recent memory, I found that kind of exciting. (this is relevant later.)

after dinner, we were walking back and passed by this place that had an exhibit of vintage TV sets, and it was free, so we stopped in. they were pretty spectacular. especially the cool round 70’s space age-looking ones. then we checked out a little bit of the montreal underground. by this point, we’d been walking around basically all day, and I was definitely feeling it. so we went back to the hotel, stocked up on more snacks and beverages, and crashed again. I felt a little guilty about it, seeing as it was friday night in montreal and we should have done something somewhat more crazy than that, but a) our hotel room was pretty awesome and b) lying down felt soooooooo gooooooood.