tuesday, november 10

woke up at a semi-reasonable hour (7:45). finished up the packing that i could not manage to do the night before. i hate the morning before flying out, trying not to forget anything, and little simon totally knowing that we're leaving, and acting all sad. anyway, we managed to get out and met up with bananas foster at the airport. had some burritos for breakfast and then hung out at our gate for a while, our flight was an hour delayed.

once on the plane, i passed out and slept for most of the flight. apparently they gave out warm chocolate chip cookies, but sean and i missed them, so sad. we landed and got our car, which is pretty large, and called a "journey", which i am taking to be a good sign.

so, seth did a lot of driving. we stopped for lunch at panera in madison. more driving. we somehow haven't stopped at any targets or wal-marts yet. i guess this is because there aren't many right now. we do have a fair amount of time to kill.

(later) we were in the car for a very long while, and found a hotel off the highway, and then stopped at the local wal-mart and there were not very many dinner options, so we ended up at a taco john's. it was pretty lackluster. we returned before the hotel pool closed, so i had a quick swim/hot tub time. that was nice.