Saturday, November 11

it was rainy and crappy and cold. I was grateful that we’d had yesterday to walk around and explore, since there would not be very much of it today. we went back up st. Laurent for some food and pretty much ducked into the closest places. sean and I opted for a frites place, because he wanted more poutine, and I wanted those awesome Belgian-style fries. I got mine with aioli. and a very tasty veggie-and-goat-cheese sandwich. mmmm.

After lunch, we braved the miserable weather for a bit more shopping, and then went back to the hotel, where we were being picked up to go to soundcheck. Once we got to club soda, we were pretty psyched. The place was really nice and big, with a great sound system, soundguys who knew what they were doing, the works. Our soundcheck was really easy, and once that was over, we walked back up to our hotel. The boys rested up. I decided to try my luck at shopping one more time, and tried on 5 million things at this one store and then felt kinda bad because I didn’t like any of them. Then I got some takeout and brought it back to our hotel, and got dressed for the show.

We were brought to the club, and I went and set up our merch table and hung out there for a while. Some friends of ours showed up: Seth Damascus-Kennedy-Hatfield (aka the guy who fills in for the Duke sometimes), Catherine (of Chop Chop, our labelmate), and Steve and Joe from this band 8mm fuzz (who were sort of a random surprise addition, Seth having drunkenly invited them along the previous evening). Nice Pete (aka the guy who filled in for Sean when he had SARS) and his ladyfriend were also in attendance. There was some talk of having Seth and Nice Pete play the show instead of the Duke and Sean. And if we were smart, we would have at least taken a picture of pseudo-Freezepop. But none of these things happened. And then shortly before we went on, we headed “backstage,” which was really underneath the stage, and hung out with the Minibosses boys a bit. They were pretty cool guys, and highly entertained by our border crossing story.

These are also by Miguel Legault.

The show itself was really awesome. The crowd were super-fun (even though there was no undie-throwing). Towards the end of the set, we played the DDR mix of Stakeout, which is basically Stakeout with a very extended ending, during which time I jump around a lot. And I jumped around enough that my skirt just totally fell down. Like, around my ankles. I looked down and there it was. It made me shriek. I guess had someone told me ahead of time that my skirt was going to fall down in front of several hundred people, I would have been pretty horrified, but in the moment it actually was fairly humorous. Luckily I was wearing polka-dotted undies and reasonably opaque tights, so not like it was at all “scandalous” or anything, mostly just ridiculous. At any rate, I guess a lot of people got their money’s worth that night. well, the rest of the set seemed pretty uneventful after that, and then it was back to the merch table, and I talked to a lot of lovely folks. I did get to check out a little of the minibosses’ set, and they were rokking the house.

afterwards, we packed up all our stuff and waited for our ride back to the hotel. I was pretty exhausted by this point. We were back in our hotel room, and lying on the bed and pretty much about to crash, but seth/catherine/steve/joe had gone out to some supposedly awesome club that this dude at our show had invited us to. sean and I were leaning pretty heavily towards bailing on the plan, but then I got a text from seth that maeby was there. I was pretty sure he was totally lying to us to get us to come out. but, the club was just up the street, so we decided to rally and out we went.

So we get there and it’s this bar with a little dance floor at the far end, and not only was maeby actually there, she and steve 8mm seemed to be feeling pretty crush-y, so she was totally dancing with our friends. So we all danced a whole lot, and the music was pretty awesome. At some point I ended up outside, where I was properly introduced to maeby, and as a “rokkstar” so she asked how our show went and I said well, my skirt fell down in front of like 400 people. She asked if I could re-enact it (and of course I was not smart enough to have changed into a different skirt while I was at the hotel) and after having had a few gin-and-tonics, it didn’t seem like a terrible idea or anything, so I jumped up and down which wasn't really working until she and seth grabbed on and pulled it down again (and it was much more unpleasant this time, being outdoors in 30 degree weather). And then I pulled my skirt back up and figured I should really install some sort of more secure elastic waistband.

Then the club closed, and maeby said goodbye and went off with her friends and steve was pretty smitten/starstruck, and we said goodnite to our friends and hurried back to our hotel, which took a really long time since all the clubs were letting out and it was pretty difficult to navigate thru the crowds. We stopped to get some snacks and ate in the hotel lobby to avoid waking up the duke. And then we went to sleep. It was great.