wednesday, november 11

i woke up pretty early, considering we didn't have to leave early, but i needed to get some work done while i had internet access. i went downstairs for the continental breakfast and got some stuff done. eventually the boys woke up and we checked out and got on the road. it was 2 1/2 hours, and a pretty desolate drive. this was where we'd had our scary, snowy adventure a year and a half ago, driving the opposite way. and while it was less terrifying during the daylight and not during an insane blizzard, it was still some pretty middle-of-nowhere-style driving.

we reached superior, WI, across the bridge from duluth, and the boys went to target and wal-mart looking for star wars figures, and would not even bring me to goodwill OR the scariest dead mall that we went to last year! they suck. stupid boys. one exciting thing: a sighting of the girls gone wild bus, outside a bar. then we crossed into duluth and went to a restaurant we'd been to the last time we were there, all dark wood and overlooking the overcast lake, it was majestically bleak. food was tasty though.

Language of Hair, Duluth.

after our lunch adventure, we checked into our hotel downtown and i took a quick jaunt down to some music and clothing stores. no luck, which is probably good since i'm pretty broke right now. i did, however, meet a wonderful great dane puppy who was humongous and good-natured. he made me happy. but he also made me miss simon, who i'd heard from his dogsitting auntie, was quite mopey and looking around, trying to find us. waaaah. man, i wish he could come on tour with us.

anyway, it was time for us to go to soundcheck. we were playing on campus, and we loaded in and things were running behind schedule, but that worked out ok for me since i had my laptop and more work to do. eventually we soundchecked and they'd ordered us some awesome pizza, so we went backstage and ate and did an interview. we popped out to watch the opening bands, duck duck punch, who were awesome and full of old-skool synthy goodness (and an awesome video setup too, i was jealous) and venus on fire, who were more rokking, with saucy female vocals.

then we went on, and it got off to a really slow start. lots of sound problems. took a few songs to get all that sorted out. but eventually things got moving, and soon enough we were having a pretty fine time and the audience seemed to be too. we did a lot of new songs, which was fun, and they got a good reception. lots of dueling keytar action.

i sure hope i don't get H1N1 on this tour. i mean, we meet a lot of folks at our shows. lots of shaking hands and picture-taking and exchanging of money, plus just being a lot of germy places (airplanes, college campuses, convenience stores, etc). i guess having escaped the outbreak after PAX, i'm already ahead of the game. but man, i really wish the vaccine had been available before we left for this outing. so, i've just been hitting the purell pretty hard.

after packing up, we stopped by our friend bryan's apartment for a bit, but were pretty wiped out by this point and had to get up early the next day, so didn't stick around for too too long before heading back to the hotel and crashing.