thursday, november 12

woke up on the early-ish side again, got some work done, then we grabbed some bagels downstairs and got on the road to mankato. i managed to sleep in the car for a bit. we had to stop at a pump n munch. you can't not go there. seth even got a shirt!

oh yes.

we arrived at the river hills mall in mankato with a bit of time to spare before our hot topic meet-and-greet. i used this time to do a quick lap around the mall to examine my shopping options, but nothing was really calling out to me. i went back to HT and set up and sean got me a strawberry julius, so i was pretty content. and we did some meeting-and-greeting, and it was a pretty pleasant time. not that there was a line out the door or anything, but when this was booked, we had visions of the spinal tap in-store where nobody shows up, so we were pretty relieved. it was weird too, they were playing fancy ultra-fresh in the store, and it's been soooo long since i've just listened to the whole thing. i mean every once in a while a song will pop up on my itunes shuffle, and of course i am very familiar with rehearsing and playing certain songs, but to just sit there and listen to my own cd? kinda weird. also: seth bought a Twilight pillowcase, which he claimed was for a friend, YEAH RIGHT. hah.

after the in-store, we had to go to the club to load-in. driving thru town, i saw another amazing dead mall that i wanted desperately to go to, a thrift store called "AGAIN" that i desperately wanted to go to, and a pretty amazing sign that said "taco" in little 60s diamond shapes, which was pretty awesome after having listened to taco the previous night at bryan's apartment. anyway, we arrived at the club and it was up a treacherous metal staircase outside the building. no fun. there was no soundcheck, so we just loaded in and went to check in to our hotel. sean rested up, and seth and i went to a mexican restaurant for dinner. it was quite tasty, and a country music station was doing a broadcast from a few tables over. i got take-out for sean and made a new friend:

this guy!

then we got dressed and headed back to the club. it was a very early show, things started at 6! so we missed the first band but got there in time to see the end of duck duck punch's set, they were playing with us for a second night, yay. then up were milkbar, who we'd played with in minneapolis a few years prior, and i liked them too. i must confess i did duck out downstairs to the rather-sketchy bar for a few minutes. we'd been told it was kind of biker-y, but this didn't really seem to adequately describe the full range of clientele. it was all over the place. as for me, i opened the door and was greeted by the meanest-looking yet sweetest dog, which filled me with glee. she was a sweetheart, and of course i was missing doggie-time. awww. (IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, I AM A HUMONGOUS BABY ABOUT LEAVING MY DOG.)

then: back upstairs, watched more of milkbar's set, and then the boys set up their gear and we did a quick linecheck. i was fearing the worst, the other bands seemed to be having some difficulties, and lack of soundcheck usually spells disaster for us, but the sound turned out to be surprisingly good. and so did our show, for that matter. yay!

went to the merch booth afterwards, talked, signed, sold, etc. load-out was more scary than load-in because i was now wearing shoes with heels, which made the metal grate staircase extra-terrifying. i made it though. the hot topic folks had invited us back out for a drink and we reached the consensus that yes, we were up for a drink. so we went back to the bar downstairs, although unfortunately all the dogs had left by now (at one point there were supposedly 5 of them in there.) we had a drink and ate questionable popcorn and hung out with our new hot topic pals, and the milbar folks were in there too, and the HT girls were trying to get us to go to some karaoke night, which usually i would totally be down with, but we were TIRED and decided to get some sleep. i was so tired i did not even eat any snacks before bed.