friday, november 13

up early again, so i could work. i was even up in time to catch the end of the free continental breakfast, so i grabbed a bagel and some yogurt. eventually the boys awoke and we got on the road. stepping out into the parking lot was an unpleasant surprise, the wind must have been blowing from some dairy farms or something, because it totally reeked of cow poop. we got out of there, and not a moment too soon.

not a super-long drive to la crosse, and i spent most of it attempting to work some more, with varying levels of success. it's hard to design in a moving vehicle! anyway, we arrived in town and had some time to spare, so checked into our hotel, a best western with a little teeny indoor water park. not really enough time for that before soundcheck though, so i just worked some more and the boys watched a documentary about hair metal groupies. then it was off the club, and the worst load-in ever. the club itself is cool, but there are two huge, steep flights of stairs you have to carry all your stuff up. bah. while the boys were setting up their gear, i went across the street to the store i had wanted to spend more time in the last time we were in town. there was some nice stuff there, but all the stuff i really liked was kinda pricey for my general broke-ness right now. they were also having some open house reception dealie, so i got to have a few tasty hors d'oeuvres. i went downstairs to look at the secondhand section, but there was nothing spectacular, and then i got a text from sean saying they were ready for me, so i went back to the warehouse and we soundchecked.

after that, we were pretty hungry, so we walked around town a little bit. there seemed to be a lot of stores having little receptions, and we even saw some christmas carolers, i guess they really wanted to get a jump on christmas. we ended up at the pizza restaurant we had wanted to go to last time, but it had been closed for easter sunday (the time we had to eat at hooters). i had a vegan pizza with all sorts of lovely veggies. sean had one with 5 million kinds of cheese on it. we discovered that if you put the slices together, it was definitely greater than the sum of its parts. after dinner, we stopped into this old-timey soda shoppe/ice cream parlor that smelled SO GOOD, it must have been the fresh waffle cones, oh my god. i was stuffed from pizza though, so i managed to resist temptation.

a quick trip back to the hotel to get fancied up, and then we went back to the warehouse. we were dismayed to see that our favorite bar from the last time we were in town was closed, and so ended up grabbing a quick beverage from this cheesy bar next door called "cheap shots". i hurried back to the club to set up the merch table and catch the end of the opening band. they were called deep sea summit and i quite liked them! we've been having good luck with opening bands on this tour. the boys returned from the bar with a funny story about how the bartender was asking them about our band, and asked our name, and when the boys told her, she totally didn't believe we were freezepop, and asked if we knew we were in guitar hero. hah!

our set was quite fun. i was anticipating some kind of friday the 13th gear malfunction disaster, but everything was cool, and it was the best crowd yet, both in terms of size and fun-ness. i guess that's what a friday night will do. anyway, it was awesome and we got a ton of undies thrown at us. hee. the boys rokked out at the end of GR2R for what seemed like 3 hours. i had to have a little lie-down on stage. it was rough.

these pix by melissa is magenta.

then we did the merch booth hangout thing and once everyone had left, we hung out with the employees a bit. one of them gave seth a stuffed sloth. i got the story about the bar down the street, it was pretty sad. this place had been in operation since the 30s or something like that, it was this incredible falling-apart art deco divey masterpiece. but apparently recently it failed some inspection and got shut down. the dude who owns the place is very very old, and is not interested in selling it, but i guess when you're like 90 years old, you have better things to do than get your bar renovated. sigh. i hope it falls into the right hands eventually. that place was amazing.

so instead, we ducked back into cheap shots, which had become a horrifying scene, packed with college kids, and the hot bartender lady standing up on the bar, pouring liquor down people's throats. i thought that only happened on TV spring break. it was terrifying (but also a little funny and awesome) so we just stuck around for one drink, and then went across the street to the bar where all the people from the club went. we felt a lot more at home there, and hung out with the locals for a long time.

then, back to the hotel, but not before we stopped at a kwik-trip:

ok, so it seems like all the photos from this tour are of bananas. that's ok. he's photogenic.

also: he was very psyched about the wristband from our hotel's "waterpark."