saturday, november 14

woke up early again to work, but that ended up taking less time than i'd anticipated, so i got to go to the waterpark and sit in the hot tub for a while. that was awfully nice, i was kinda sore from jumping around and stuff. i slid down the waterslide a couple of times, and then headed back to our room and packed up and we got out of there. stopped at a panera for breakfast, met a friendly, chompy puppy, and settled in for the ride to chicago. probably stopped at a wal-mart somewhere in there? it was mostly uneventful, except for this:

of course we hit awful traffic on the way in to chicago. that's just par for the course, i guess. we got in around 6 and since we were playing a late show at the club, we still had a few hours to kill before soundcheck. checked into our hotel:

it was a pretty classy joint.

sean took a nap and bananas and i went to the pizzeria downstairs, where we got desperately-needed salads, and also a tasty spinach calzone. yummm. then we got fancied and went to the club. soundcheck went pretty easily. one of bananas' best friends just moved to chicago, so afterwards the boys went off to their house for the pre-party, while i hung at the club and held down the fort. i was joined by our ex-bostonian friend liz and hung out in the green room, talking about her recent wedding and eating tasty hummus and veggies. then the doors opened, so i had to go "man" the merch table. got to see the opening band, terrible spaceship, who were awesome sci-fi rokk with amazing 50s-style visuals. quite enjoyed them. the boys showed back up as that was ending. bananas was feeling QUITE jovial.

the joviality was apparently contagious, because our set was the most fun. it was a great time, the crowd were awesome (bananas' super-rowdy friends in attendance probably helped matters too). i definitely like ending a run of shows with the best one at the end. it was a great time, we hung out for a long time afterwards, there were definitely some old-schoolers and superfans there. everything was fantastic... UNTIL...

so we settled up and loaded out and were downstairs waiting for seth to bring back the car. it took a really long time. he returned, and the front passenger's window had been smashed. oh man. the thing is, there was not much of anything in the car worth stealing, since all of our stuff was in the club with us. i think they saw a bunch of wires on the dashboard and just decided to grab them. so we ended up losing:

bananas' cell phone charger
the cable that hooks the ipod up to the stereo
the GPS charger and the suction cup that attaches it to the windshield
bananas' half-eaten bag of peanuts.

as you can see, they left seth's baseball card.

wtf. apparently they weren't even that hungry, because they did leave our pretzels. and thankfully they left the stuffed sloth, and my nice vintage coat that belonged to my aunt and/or grandmother. basically, what they stole was several hours of my life. rrrgh, why does this stuff always happen when jason isn't on tour with us to take care of it? so we all went back to bananas' friends' house down the street (luckily, it was unseasonably warm out, so driving around chicago in november with a smashed-out window was not *quite* as unpleasant as it otherwise could have been. and i spent between 2 and 5 on the phone with the police, the rental car agency, and the credit card company. basically the last thing one would want to do after a really fun show. it was super-maddening too, i'd call one place and they'd tell me they couldn't help me until i got a certain piece of info from the next place. so then i'd call the next place, and they couldn't help me until i got more info from another place. so i just called around in circles, and finally at 5 am i gave up because i was exhausted and the police had stopped answering their phone (i guess the chicago PD has more important things to deal with on a saturday night.)

went to sleep, very grumpy.