the freezepup gallery!

a page for all the cute critters with their fancy freezepup shirts! do you have a photo for this page? please do send it in!

lil' vash needs our shirt to stay warm...


eeee, look at sophia's floppy ears! i love herrrrr!

this is rainbows, she has two different-colored eyes! she came to one of our shows, so we kinda had to give her a t-shirt. i mean, come on.

i think nana's feline friend is jealous of her cute shirt.

this dog is actually NAMED "freezepop", how hardcore is that??

kitty ketterstein, demonstrating that the freezepup shirts aren't just for doggies.


simon and daisy: a two-part series.

part 1: bite bite bite bite bite.

part 2: pant pant pant pant pant.