Wednesday, March 9

12 glorious hours of sleep! Oh how we needed that. Then I made use of the hotel's hot tub, which I had all to myself, and it was really excellent. Sean and I were doing some hotel-hopping, so we checked out of this one (a Hilton, which was pretty snazzy, but in a kinda sketchy neighborhood) and cabbed to the next one, which was in Japantown, and really lovely. It was actually attached to Japan Center, with a bunch of restaurants and stores, and I spent the afternoon walking around and exploring. Unfortunately, the stores were mostly of the tasteful items category (tea sets, very expensive kimonos, etc) or kitschy-but-dull (hello kitty, i'm officially sick of you). I wanted someplace where you could buy t-shirts that said like "super-crazy ultra #1 freshness" or something. So if that's what you go to japantown for, you're bound to be a little bit disappointed. But stay for the food. I was excited to find an okonomiyaki place, so Sean and I had dinner there, soooo yummy. And next door there was a crepe place, so we had to get some dessert there. But of course.


Sean made a mess.

That night, we were meeting up with our friend Paul to go see the Fixx. So we're waiting outside our hotel, and this insane car comes down the street, and I'm thinking "wow, wouldn't it be amazing if that was Paul" and it totally was. And I'm not one to get all excited about cars, but this one was the ultimate Freezepop-mobile. It was a white 1963 Studebaker Avanti with an orange interior, and was the most perfect space age vehicle I've ever seen. You should do some internet research on it, it's nuts. Anyway, Paul was all like "Yeah, it's my wife's!" and very glee-ful about it. So we drove up north, the show was at this little club in some cute little town I forget the name of. Seemed kinda weird the Fixx would be playing there, but whatever. Great show and Cy Curnin has aged quite well. Unfortunately, the audience was really annoying. Or I guess actually the group of sloppy-drunk people who were Old Enough to Know Better, who were all like "whooooooo!!!!!" and dancing and falling all over everyone else. Things got a lot better once I moved further away from them. Anyway, the show. Yeah. It was really all about "Red Skies at Night." Wow.

So then we were leaving and ended up talking to a car-admirer in the parking lot. And it even got a compliment from the toll collector on the Golden Gate Bridge. And you figure, if your job requires you to look at cars all day, you must know what you're talking about. I guess if you have the awesome-est car in the world (or your wife does) you must get used to everyone telling you that you have the awesome-est car in the world. Anyway, fancy cars, hits of the 80s, and hanging out with west coast friends = a very fine night indeed.