Friday, March 11

It was another hotel-swapping day, so we bid adieu to Japantown and went to our other hotel, which was near the Embarcadero, and nice, but kind of dull. Sean watched the Star Wars trailer a lot, and then we went to the SFMOMA. It got off to a slow start, with a typography exhibit that made me feel yucky about being a graphic designer. I wasn't crazy about 80% of the stuff in the permanent collection, but the other 20% was good enough that that alone would have been worth it. But I was really into the temporary exhibits. One was a three-young-artists thing, and I liked all three of them. The main piece you saw at the top of the stairs was this amazing huge mesh thing made out of loops of scotch tape, which does sound like it could be really cheesy, like some crappy installation or something, but it was pretty amazing to see in person. And then there was a Robert Bechtle retrospective, who, if I'd learned about him in any of my art history classes, I'd since forgotten about, and was so it was a pleasant surprise. He did/does these huge photorealistic paintings, mostly of cars in driveways, and I guess you really need to see those in person too. Anyway, enough of my artsy-fartsy talk.

So Sean and I had a little time to have lunch before we were supposed to meet up with the Duke. Chevy's Fresh Mex was right there, so we figured that'd work. And you could eat outside, and it was such a lovely day out again, so we decided to do that. And we ended up at a table next to an older lady wearing a Moog baseball shirt, and Sean leaned over and whispered "Do you know who that is??" and I suppose I should have been able to guess from the t-shirt, but anyway, it was Wendy Carlos. I went to call the Duke to tell him to meet us here instead of us meeting him there, because a) we weren't going to make it there in time and b) we figured he'd want to see Wendy Carlos for himself. So we ate (decent food, ridiculously large portions) and enjoyed the sunshine and then the Duke showed up and we contemplated going over to the next table and saying hi or something, but she seemed pretty involved in her newspaper, and really, what does one say to Wendy Carlos? And plus the whole suing-Momus-thing led me to believe she might not be the kind of person who'd enjoy getting recognized while enjoying a Mexican lunch. So we left her alone and went back to the Metreon for some internet. Tried to figure out some rental car stuff, then Sean and I went back to our hotel to change.

After that, we went over to the Drum Machine Museum to soundcheck. Oh my god, there were a million flights of stairs to drag our gear up and I almost died, but once we were upstairs, it was pretty cool. Met up with the 8 Bit Weapon kids, and David Microwave, and Mickey, the guy in charge of it all. The Duke showed up with Robotkid, who was going to be doing his nifty projections. Soundcheck was pretty easy, so then Sean and I took off for some shopping. We went to the Puma store, which although not quite as exciting as the one in Amsterdam, was pretty kick-ass nonetheless. Sigh. Want it.

Dear Puma,
Some of your clothes are really amazing, but I am a poor pop-star-in-training. Wouldn't you like to sponsor us? I would be really excited to wear your futuristic jackets. Many of our fans work in computer-related industries, so they'd actually have the money to buy your stuff.
Liz Enthusiasm

So our shopping turned into browsing, and then I really wanted some sweets, so we stopped at a little cafe and I had a brownie. Then we walked back to the Drum Machine Museum, and it had been sorta sketchy when we got there that afternoon, and was definitely not improving as the evening went on. It was pretty crazy to me how the neighborhood went from fancy-shopping-street to oh-this-is-scary within the space of two blocks. I hoped our fans were using the buddy system.

We were hanging out before the show and it was sorta dull, but then practically everyone we knew showed up within 10 minutes of each other, so then it got chaotic. In a cool chaotic way, but I didn't get a chance to hang out with everyone as much as I'd have liked. Anyway, the music got going and it was fun, and I'd been a little nervous about the show, given the suckitude of our previous two events, but I did not have to worry. The show was solidly ass-kicking, good crowd and fun party atmosphere. The Duke and Robotkid had a trick up their sleeves for Super Sprøde, where they'd hooked up Amplitude to the projector and chose superfan Geordan (based on his Super Sprøde t-shirt) to play along with us. I was totally surprised, they'd kept it a secret beforehand. It was a really fun way to do it.


Pretty nifty, no?

These pix courtesy of Lily Jane, Bret DeCelle, and Geordan Rosario.

There's also cool videos of the show up here, courtesy of Bryan.



Had a really good time hanging out after the show. I was amazed when we were leaving, it had gotten even sketchier outside. Then back to nice-but-boring hotel.