Saturday, June 12

So we had spent the night at Kathryn's friend Paul's. The thing there is that Paul is not just some normal sorta friend, but was actually in Animotion (he was The Sheik), which makes him a bona fide American Synthpop Hero. We unfortunately did not get to meet him, as he was out of town, but he left us funny post-it notes, and his sofa bed was very comfortable.


When you're in a band, and on tour, sometimes you end up crashing on people's floors, and it's kinda dirty and smells like old cheese. And then other times, you end up crashing someplace really nice, with shiny pianos with actual Emmys sitting on top. I'm glad this was one of those days.

Also, Sean would like to point out that he is in fact playing "Obsession" here.

Then we all went to breakfast and admired our waitress' bosom, which was truly a sight to behold. And we walked down to the beach and were happy in the sunshiney, palm tree goodness.

We then bid adieu to Kathryn and got in the minivan for the trek to San Francisco. We made lots of funny animal noises and talked about dipping various body parts in vinegar along the way. We ended up making really good time, and got there pretty early, so we called up our pal Philippe. It had been a while since we'd seen him, and we'd missed him a lot. It was really great to see him again, and we all went out to dinner.


Philippe seemed to enjoy his spaghetti.

We headed back to the club, where a good crowd was starting to assemble, including some more old skool Boston folks who we were pleasantly surprised to see, and some other old skool non-Boston folks, and Paul, aka the guy who wrote the Wired article on us, and yet another bona fide American Synthpop Hero, Kurt from Information Society. We had our doubts about the club, since we were playing in a basement with no stage or ventilation and a crappy sound system, but it turned out to be really fun, it felt like we were playing at a friend's party or something. The crowd was excellent, and the only big problem was that everything was running late, so we had to cut a bunch of songs, and then the place kicked everyone out immediately after our set, which kinda blew since we like to hang out afterwards and talk to folks. We ended up selling our merch out on the sidewalk afterwards. It felt strange. Like we should have been selling someting less wholesome than synthpop merchandise.


Philippe roadied for us, and even showed Aubrey how to work the sound system.




Here's a cool artsy fartsy photo.