thursday, august 28

our flight was at 6:15 am. which meant a 45-minute nap for me, and no sleep for sean or seth, before we left for the airport in the very very wee hours. seth had spent the time between last call at the bar and our departure, on our couch, drinking whatever stuff we had lying around (HEY KIDS DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME), namely jim beam, bailey's, and homemade hard cider. talk about a winning combination. i thought it was gonna be barf bag o'clock for him, but it worked out pretty well, actually. he was such a jovial drunk that he declared his love for the lady working at the ticket counter, and she did not charge us the extra $50 for our overweight luggage.

so, the flights. we were flying through charlotte, nc, not exactly a "direct" route. the first flight was short-ish and i was passed out for most of it. the second flight was long and kinda bad, we were in the very last row, where the seats don't recline, and everyone bumps into you on the way to the bathroom, and there were multiple crying babies and some turbulence, and it was not so fun. we arrived in portland at noon, and got some lunch and killed a few more hours at the aiport, until jason showed up at 3 (he'd flown in from LA). then we got our van and checked into our hotel and had time for a much-needed little nap, while jason went and ran some errands.

then we headed downtown to the fez, which was a pretty cool venue. there was a lot of sitting around, and then soundchecking, and then more sitting around. the promoters and the other bands were cool, and we got fed some fantastically tasty food. afterwards, we just had time to run back to the hotel to fancy up and get back to the club, just as the first band were ending. but then the second band had some kind of disastrous computer malfunction and couldn't go on, so we were up next. the sound on stage was not the best and we were still majorly fatigued, despite our naps, so i can't say it was our most amazing show ever, but we soldiered thru and had a pretty decent time.

these pix by geckoinpdx

and then we went back to our hotel and lying down felt so, so, so nice.