thursday, oct 16

woke up to the smell of amazing mexi-breakfast that gordon was cooking. it was yet another fantastically wonderful day, sunny, and supposedly record high temps, in the 80s. we enjoyed the backyard and ate the magical breakfast and were generally perfectly content. oh man, i can't even tell you hard it was to leave. so sad saying goodbye to our friends. i need to get back down there soon. sigh.

one project before we left though... so in fall 2001, when gordon and kip lived in buffalo, and freezepop were going on their first ever tour, along with the lifestyle boys, we crashed at their place in buffalo. in honor of the occasion, we decided to do a commemorative reenactment a photo from back then:

then: l-r, rock stone, me, boothnavy, sean, the duke, seth
now: l-r, michael diamonds, me, sean, crème brûlée, seth, whose hair is longer now.

and then it was... sigh... BACK IN THE VAN. so, you might be wondering, what exactly goes on when we're stuck in a van all day? today i'm going to give you a brief peek at our travels, to give you a taste of the not-really-exciting side of touring:

2:36 p.m: we are route 117 north. we are running a little behind schedule, as usual. seth is driving, sean is in the passenger seat, and michael diamonds, crème brûlée, and i are in the back row. we have deemed it "duran duran day" because michael diamonds is wearing a CNN headline shirt that proclaims that duran duran is back (you can kinda see it in the photo). right now we are waiting for the nightboat and it is fantastic. michael diamonds and crème brûlée are keeping themselves occupied with their iphones. we're conversing about duran duran playing some songs with smashing pumpkins.

2:38 now it's "sound of thunder." rt. 117 is kinda small and not quite like an official highway. we're passing a graveyard. seth and sean commented that it looks like rural maine. we are hungry and on the lookout for some reasonably fast dining option so we don't get even more late.

2:42 we are driving behind a pickle truck! and now we are gonna eat at subway.

3:08 we got our subway to go. michael diamonds actually got takeout from some bbq place next door. i got a 6 inch veggie sub and a yogurt, in case you were wondering. the boys are all playing with their iphones again. i kinda wish i had one now.

3:14 sean just put the music back on. it's "friends of mine" now. GOD I LOVE DURAN DURAN'S FIRST ALBUM. there, i said it.

3:15 i think i will read. i brought a book of andy warhol interviews. they're pretty entertaining.

3:23 we are on I-95 now. there are some nice white and pink and purple wildflowers. and signs for a town called zebulon!

3:26 crème brûlée doesn't know too much duran duran because he is young. he does remember sean showing him the girls on film video, though. lots o' boobies. and seth had to drive up on the shoulder to avoid a blown-out tire in our lane.

3:39 we've got 116 miles to richmond. michael diamonds is reading. crème brûlée is about to nod off. he's very talented at sleeping. also, we have established that my brother and sister-in-law will be dogsitting for simon this weekend. sean and i are clarifying the origin of simon's name. contrary to popular belief, he is not named after simon le bon. his full name is "simon maccorkindale, star of tv's manimal." i miss him.

3:42 maybe i will try to nap.

5:14 well, my nap didn't work. crème brûlée didn't even sleep, and that's kind of monumental. we listened to a whole lot more duran duran and made a brief stop at a starbucks. now we're about 20 minutes outside of richmond.

then it got so boring i couldn't even write anymore. well more than 20 minutes, after hitting some traffic, we made it into the city and to club. the moral of the story here is that sitting in a van all day is really dull. although i've gotta say that after the previous day's epic journey, today went relatively quickly at least.

so, miko the promoter was there to welcome us, and we soundchecked and decided not to go check into the hotel to minimize the rushing around back-and-forth. we had the whole third floor of the club to hang out/get ready anyway. some nice folks brought us italian food, and we chowed down.

in case you thought "backstage" was a glamorous place to be. i'm really destoying all your illusions today...

some of the boys went off to a bar to watch the baseball game. it was not looking too good for boston. i went down to the 2nd floor balcony to watch plushgun, the opening band, who were a lot of fun. after that i went down to the bar for a beverage, only to discover much to my dismay that it was just a beer bar. yuck. like, not even wine or cider or anything. just beer and sparks. i got a sparks. i made it about 3/4 of the way through before it made me feel yucky. that stuff is kinda nasty.

watched the boy in static set from the balcony, it was a nice view although they had some technical difficulties and their sound was mixed weirdly quietly. we made sure the soundguy turned us up a lot more.

our set was hot n sweaty. it was insanely warm on stage, i can't imagine playing a show there in july or something. but whatever, i'd rather be hot than be cold. the crowd were fun, and we did our hanging out/signing stuff/taking photos thing at the end. tiffany and danielle, our handlers from the anime con, had come out and told us what we'd missed on sunday: somebody had brought a LIVE CHEETAH to the hotel. in the suite across from the green room. apparently he's the spokesguy for some cheetah rescue organization and sleeps curled up in bed with his owners. wow. i am sad i missed out on that.

weirdest item autographed: a washcloth featuring fun facts about mercury (the planet, not the silver goo).

turns out boston hadn't quite lost the baseball game yet, and seth and michael diamonds went to get the van and heard the end of the game on the radio and came back all happy because somehow the sox came from wayyy behind and pulled out a win. and when seth and michael diamonds are happy, everyone's happy. we bid adieu to plushgun and miko and his friends, and went to check into our hotel.