friday, oct 17

uugh, a 6-hour drive and 4:00 soundcheck. that means not very much sleep, and a painfully early morning. and, it was bound to happen, our good weather luck finally ran out, it was pouring rain and a full 30 degrees colder than it had been the day before. and we started out the day with a traffic jam. sean put on some depressing scott walker music to complete the scene.

things eventually got a little better: the rain tapered off, and the temperature climbed to 60, and we stopped at a wawa for breakfast (having only ever been to one once before on our midwest tour last year and realizing that this was the way convenience stores should be). we ordered tasty breakfast sandwiches on the touch-screens, never having to interact with another human, like we were in some kind of magical future-world. then sean pointed out a cute puppy outside and it nearly made my head explode from the cuteness, it was that cute. OH MY GOD IT WAS SO CUTE. she was a 7-week old jack russell terrier, maybe about 4 pounds, and i went outside and she just ran up to me and jumped on me and started giving me little puppy kisses. i can't even tell you how wonderful it was. then we got our sandwiches and got back on the road.

besides the change in weather, there was a very abrupt change in scenery as well. it was like we crossed some kind of invisible border that separates the north from the south, and had entered full-on autumn. suddenly it was all foliage-y. this made me sad. i much prefer lovely late summer. i guess foliage is scenic and all, but i can't help but think of what comes next, bare trees and freezing my ass off until next may. but i suppose i should just consider myself lucky that i got one glorious bonus week of summer.

we made pretty decent time into pittsburgh, and got to mr. smalls theatre, which was pretty amazing, a converted old church so it was huge and beautiful.

we soundchecked and then manny the promoter showed up and brought us fantastically tasty vietnamese food. we decided again to just stick around and not bother running back to the hotel, so we hung out backstage with some local filmmakers and the opening band (c-money and karl kash, who were entertaining/awesome).

above pix by michael diamonds. these others by sorakirei.  

we'd been looking forward to this show, since pittsburgh is kind of the freezepop home-away-from-home, and once again, we were feeling the love. it was awesome, and a really cool stage to play on. afterwards was a lot of hanging out with the fans and superfans.

weirdest item autographed: a pink-and-black polka dot skirt from target that i have the grey-and-black version of.

sean and i were supposed to be DJing at the afterparty, but turns out it was supposed to be at some bar that was undergoing renovations, and they hadn't finished in time. which was partially a bummer, but we were honestly kinda happy to be done at a relatively early hour after our early morning and long day (it's amazing how tired you get sitting in a van all day). we were out of there by midnite, stopped by a mart for some snacks, and checked into our hotel for the exciting afterparty of watching CNN.