saturday, oct 18

another long drive today, but a slightly later soundcheck, so we didn't have to get up quite so painfully early (or so we thought). we made our favorite pittsburgh breakfast stop at pamela's diner, although we tried a different location this time, closer to our hotel. and closer to college apparently, as it was full of girls wearing ugg boots. the decor at this one was kinda more pop/eclectic/cheesy, but the food was just as as overwhelmingly delicious. it's kinda good i can't get those strawberry hotcakes whenever i want them though. i would probably overdo it.

it took us FOREVER to get out of pittsburgh, there was all kinds of traffic/construction. after that, exciting things we saw on the road: a donkey (hanging out on a hill with a bunch of cows) and a hot pink stretch mini cooper limo with a hot tub in back. THAT would be our perfect touring vehicle.

the rest of the drive also took forever, and then when we'd finally reached the end, we ended up sitting in holland tunnel traffic and the last couple of miles ended up taking us another hour. oh my god, it sucked. needless to say, we completely missed our soundcheck, and in fact the first band were already on by the time we rolled in. this show was at stevens institute of technology, and the kids on the programming council brought us to our "backstage" which was really a conference room in a neighborhing building, complete with sandwiches, salad (with butt-pinchy salad tongs), and cookies. the boy in static boys had to hustle and get ready to go on. we had several more minutes to collect our thoughts, have a sandwich, and get dressed before heading back down to the show.

due to the tiny stage and lack of soundcheck, we decide to keep things simple and play as a 3-piece instead of having crème brûlée or michael diamonds join us. the show got off to a bit of a bumpy start, while we worked out the sound issues, and seth's drum pad was having all kinds of technical issues, and oh yeah, our brains were kinda not-quite-there from having sat in a van for most of the day. not to be all like "oh, my headspace" or whatever, but it was pretty difficult to transition from Person Who Sits in the Van All Day to Person Who Jumps Around and Gets People Excited. anyway, things started slow and the audience was kinda subdued, but everyone managed to turn it around by the end and it finished off much better.

afterwards, we did a quick interview at the campus radio station, and then waited around for crème brûlée and michael diamonds, who were at some bar off-campus watching the end of the baseball game. boston won again, so the boys were all feeling pretty chipper.

our hotel was only 9 miles away, but it was an incredibly complicated 9 miles. it was the sheraton out by giants stadium. they were out of double rooms, even though we had reserved them, so we had to get cots sent up. the pissing-me-off continued when we tried to go downstairs to the bar for a nightcap, and even though the guest services book said they were open until 1:30, they were closed and it wasn't even 1:00 yet. on a saturday night! AND it's one of those hotels where they charge you for internet access. fukk that. at least their toiletries smelled nice.

so we just went to bed.