sunday, oct 19

it turns out there was a giants home game, so when we went to check out of our hotel, the parking lot was full of sports fans, tailgating and such. we were afraid to get stuck in another huge traffic jam getting out of the area, but luckily most people were trying to get in and getting out was pretty easy. we stopped at some okay strip-mall mexican place for breakfast/lunch, and got on the road.

the theme of the day so far: "OH MY GOD, i miss my dog so much." i've had fun, but i'm really glad this is the last show of the tour. i am ready to go home. i guess this makes me pretty wimpy because most bands go on tour for very long periods of time.

so, driving through pennsylvania/upstate new york. we made a brief detour in scranton to hit up the guitar center to look at DIs. (well, the boys went there, i went next door to the christmas tree shop in the hopes of finding like a crossword puzzle book or something that would help me pass the time in the van a little faster. no luck in that department, but an appreciation/revulsion for the vast amount of absolute crap they have for sale at christmas tree shops.)

the last hour or so of the drive was off the highway, on local roads, and full-on rural. like, sprawling, scenic hillside pastures, old houses in various states of loveliness or falling-down disrepair, and no cellphone reception. eventually the mccain signs on peoples' lawns gave way to obama signs as we reached ithaca, a cute lil' town. we found the club without too much trouble, and met chris the promoter. there was a separate "backstage" room out back, which much to my delight, came complete with a friendly tortoiseshell kitty snuggled up on the couch. i wish more clubs had nice little mascots like that!

  backstage kitty, batting at my earphones.

and there was wi-fi backstage, so i settled in while the guys tried to deal with seth's drumpad, which was still acting up. then i was joined by this guy steve who was doing an interview, a pretty good one too. he'd done his homework. we stopped halfway through because the boys were ready for me to go soundcheck, so we did that and then sean and i went back and finished up the interview.

we were pretty starve-y by then, and steve had recommended a thai restaurant, which as it turned out was right across the street from our hotel. we had a nice meal and then dashed across the street to the hotel to do a super-fast fancying up, and rushed back to the club, where boy in static were supposed to go on at any minute. their set was lovely, and i got kinda warm-fuzzy about being able to tour with them again. it was pretty awesome.

in the meantime between their set and our set, the baseball game had gotten kinda nail-bitingly suspenseful (i mean, if you're into that kind of thing). i felt really bad for seth and michael diamonds when we had to take the stage, leaving the sox down with the bases loaded in the 8th inning. this was totally above-and-beyond the call of duty for them. and alas, the sox could not make it happen, and we had a minute of silence in the middle of our set for them. our set was a good kind of last-nite-of-the tour one: sorta goofy (we improvised a song called "internet") and a fun crowd, and just kinda happy and nice. the last show of a tour usually has its own specific energy to it, like we are totally exhausted but also really psyched to totally go for it. even though technically this isn't exactly the last night of the tour since we added a CMJ show in new york later in the week, this is the last show with the boy in static boys.

  awesome pix by pcloeb

there was a DJ after we ended, and we met a lot of lovely folks hanging around afterwards. i joined seth and michael diamonds in some games of erotic photo hunt at the bar, and we got the high score because we are just that awesome. the night got a little silly, as i was sort of out-of-practice at drinking on this tour, and had received a rather large beverage before the bar shut down. then there were some games of erotic photo hunt with the promoter's brother and girlfriend, i think? (if you have never played one of those games at one of those bar video game machines, think impressively badly photoshopped pictures of legititmately gross mid-90s soft-core pinups, it is pretty fantastic.) anyway, we eventually packed up and said goodbye to backstage kitty cat, and headed back to our hotel.

there was a 24-hour wegman's across the way, so we stopped in for some late nite snacks, and there was a bounteous cornucopia of treats at our disposal. it was so great to have more than convenience store crap to choose from. and i took a lot of stupid photos of like the cheese signs and stuff until my camera's memory card was full. i got some tasty edamame salad, and i shared sean's mac-n-cheese and smashed potatoes, and ended with a little bit of some amazing mocha-mousse-brownie thing. oh man. tasty times.