Thursday, November 6

At some point that night, the Duke yelled "Seven!!". We think it's because he was talking to aliens. It is a prime number, after all.

That morning, we dropped Craig off at school and then headed to Pano's for a yummy breakfast. I liked mine so much that I took a picture of it.

  I can't remember exactly what was in there, but it was some sorta eggs-spinach-feta-tomato-on-pita thing. I could really go for another one right now.

After breakfast, we made an all-too-brief stop at Amvets. I just can't be in Buffalo without going to Amvets, it wouldn't be right. Sean actually had more luck there than I did. But I still managed to find a few things.

Then we drove into Canada. Driving in Canada is really easy. It's flat and straight. I don't even mind it, and I hate driving. We stopped along the way and got drinks and then realized we were stuck with all this Canadian money, so we had to stock up on junk food. Sean found some interesting chips, and got me some sort of Turkish Delight candy that was basically chocolate-covered Swedish Fish. It was soooo delicious and made my teeth hurt.

The boys and flat Canadian scenery.

It was about 5 hours to Detroit, and we checked into the lovely Econo Lodge in Dearborn. We passed a great many topless bars, this amazing furniture store that sold chandeliers and faux Louis XIV furniture and life-size statues of Great Danes, and Donut World.

  Mmm. Donuts.

We then headed to the Detroit Art Space, which was in this bleak industrial neighborhood. Inside it was big and cold and not the fanciest venue we've ever played, but it worked OK. Met the Bunnyhug and Cosmicity folks, which was cool after emailing with them/knowing about them for so long. And then the superfans started to arrive. Is this what it's like to be famous? It was really novel, everyone wanted to talk to us! It's not like that here. I mean, our friends want to talk to us (usually), and after a gig, folks will talk to us, but these people were REALLY EXCITED to talk to us. I guess because they've had to wait so long. Whatever. It was weird, but kind of nice.

And Cosmicity were great and poppy, and Bunnyhug were great and weird, and then we played and people danced, and when we were done, more people talked to us, and we signed a great many autographs, and took photos, and I did feel like a rock star there for a few minutes. Hee hee.