15th Anniversary USB Drive: Ultra•Spectacular Bonanza!

Bike Thief vinyl
Bike Thief (Kryptonite Remix)
Bike Thief (Schnellspanner Remix)
+ cover art

Brainpower (Promo-only EP Bonus Tracks)
Brainpower (Mark Saunders instrumental remix)
Brainpower (Mark Saunders remix)

Dancy Ultra•Fresh vinyl
Parlez-Vous Freezepop (Daft & Dotty Remix)
Smoke Machine (Macro_mix)
Stakeout (Donnerschlag Micro_mix)
+ cover art

Betrayed (1999 demo)
Brainpower (2005 demo)
Candy Hearts (2009 1.0)
Close The Nightclub (2014 mix-02)
Doppelganger (2.0 lyrics sean vox ruff)
French Kiss (Mix 1.0)
Hamster Party
Jetport (2004 demo)
Lazy (Acoustic 2011)
Ninja of Love (2005 demo)
Ninja of Love (2007 rokkstyle)
Pretty Pink Fan (1999 demo)
Tokyo 976 (1999 demo)
Untitled 1 (1999 demo)
Untitled 2 (1999 demo)
+ cover art

Doppelganger EP
Doppelganger (Album Version)
Backfired (2012 Mix)
Doppelgänger (DJ Die Young Remix)
Special Effects (Hanssen Remix)
Lose That Boy (Death of the Cool Remix)
Doppelgänger (Plushgun 90's Edit)
Special Effects (Paolo Prevosto's Simulakrum Lab Remix)
Doppelgänger (Douchey Mix)
Doppelgänger (Nice Mix)
+ cover art

Fancy Ultra•Fresh
Bike Thief
I Am Not Your Gameboy
Parlez-Vous Freezepop?
Chess King
Outer Space
That Boy Is All About Fun!
Duct Tape My Heart
Manipulate (Mastermind mix)
Emotions & Photons
Boys on Film
cover art

Fashion Impression Function
Shark Attack
Tenisu No Boifurendo (Kodomo remix)
Manipulate (Machinate remix)
Robotron 2002 (All Your Base Are Belong to Us remix)
Plastic Stars (Commodore Vic's Sleeping Dogs mix)
Science Genius Girl (Robotkid's Lameboy mix)
Starlight (Karacter Re•Vision remix)
Freezepop Forever (Kodomo remix)
+ cover art

Form Activity Motion
Frontload (Designer Drugs remix)
Frontload (The Hidden Variable Micro-Awesomeness mix)
Moons of Jupiter (Proto-mix)
Thought Balloon (Sean's Speech Bubble mix)
Thought Balloon (Ming and Ping Rethink)
Frontload (single version)
Frontload (DJ Matthew Grim remix)
Plastic Stars (acoustic)
+ cover art

Freezepop Forever
Harebrained Scheme
Plastic Stars
Science Genius Girl (Hi Phi edit)
Get Ready 2 Rokk
Tenisu No Boifurendo
Tracey Gold
Robotron 2000
Tender Lies (single edit)
Summer Boy
Freezepop Forever
+ cover art

Freezepop Forever (Elefant release alternate tracks)
Science Genius Girl (Decepticon remix)
Science Genius Girl
Tender Lies
+ cover art

Future Future Future Perfect
Less Talk More Rokk
Pop Music Is Not a Crime
Thought Balloon
Ninja of Love
Do You Like My Wang™
He Says, She Says
Do You Like Boys?
Swimming Pool
+ cover art

Future Future Future Perfect (import version alternate tracks)
I Think Best in Wire
Smoke Machine (Storslagen mix)

Future Future Future Perfect (limited edition alternate tracks)
Afterparty (extended mix)
Get Drunk With Milk
Retired Tennis Pro
+ cover art

Game mixes
Brainpower (Rock Band version)
Get Ready 2 Rokk (Guitar Hero version)
Stakeout (Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix)

Hi-Five My Remix
Super-Sprøde (Future Bible Heroes remix)
Tracey Gold (Fairlight Children remix)
Super-Sprøde (Kodomo remix)
Super-Sprøde (Bunnyhug remix)
Bike Thief (Tubeway remix)
Super-Sprøde (Veronica Black Morpheus remix)
Super-Sprøde (Pure remix)
Lazy (Bass Kittens remix)
Stakeout (Donnerschlag remix)
Super-Sprøde (Super-Death remix)
Freezepop Forever (Ionian remix)
+ cover art

Imaginary Friends
Natural Causes
Lose That Boy
Special Effects
We Don't Have Normal Lives
Imaginary Friend
Lady Spider
Hot Air Balloons
House of Mirrors
+ cover art, regular and limited edition versions

Imaginary Friends (Instant Gratification Pack Bonus Tracks)
Antikythera Mechanism
Lose That Boy (Codebase Morodercycle Remix)

Less Talk More Rokk - The Remixes
Less Talk More Rokk (Mark Saunders Remix)
Less Talk More Rokk (Blazing Lazer Remix)
Less Talk More Rokk (Michael Skype Remix)
Less Talk More Rokk (Inter_Sect Remix)
Less Talk More Rokk (Izzy Sparks Remix)
Less Talk More Rokk (Kodomo Remix)
+ cover art

Maxi Ultra•Fresh
Boys on Film
Chess King
Smoke Machine
Outer Space/Plastic Stars (live on WMBR)
Starlight (Karacter Re•vision remix)
Parlez-Vous Freezepop_ (Inter_sect remix)
Stakeout (Kodomo remix)
Duct Tape My Heart (Forever remix)
Outer Space (Boothnavy's V___ger remix)
Here Comes a Special Boy
+ cover art

Other Remixes
Duct Tape My Heart (Chinese Theatre Remix)
Frontload (The Hidden Variable's Mega-Awesomeness Mix)
Sprode in the Club Mix
Tracey Gold (Empire State Human Remix)

Secret Companion
Side Effects
The World Is in Love
In Private
I Need Answers
I Need a Mate
I Need Options
Frantic on Friday
Lessons in the Dark
Je Ne Sais Quoi
The Computer's New Obsession
+ cover art

The Rokk Suite
Less Talk More Rokk
Get Ready 2 Rokk (For Those About 2 Rokk mix)
Less Talk More Rokk (Secret Izzy GH2 Debacle)
+ cover art

PLUS the Phantoms EP Download Card
Phantoms (Grant Putnam's Prometheus Disk mix)
Frontload Forever (Revenge of the QY-70)
Moons of Jupiter (Retro-mix)
The Spirit of the Dancefloor
Brainpower (Game On's Pure Moods mix)
+ cover art


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